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Five Iced Coffee Recipes to Try This Summer

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I’m usually pretty straightforward when it comes to my coffee routine—just give me black coffee with the occasional splash of almond milk creamer and I’m a happy camper. That’s what you’ll see me drinking out of my YETI mug most days, and it’s seriously something I look forward to every morning. It’s the little things—ha!

But as soon as the temperatures start climbing, I start to crave iced coffee. I loooove cold brew in the summer and I’ve been wanting to try making it myself at home. Have any of you perfected a home cold brew recipe? I’ve heard great things about this cold brew maker and I think I might have to give it a try! Here are a few more homemade iced coffee recipes I want to try making this season:

Five Iced Coffee Recipes to Try This Summer

Iced Lavender Cold Brew Latte: I always order a lavender latte at my favorite local coffee shop and this iced version (made with real lavender buds) sounds so good! This recipe also explains how to make cold brew in a French Press, which sounds like an easy option if you don’t want to buy a separate cold brew coffee maker.

Homemade Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe: A classic! My favorite almond milk creamer comes in a low-sugar vanilla version that would work great for this recipe if you want to keep it on the healthier side.

Two-Minute Iced Coffee: This recipe sounds perfect for when that afternoon iced coffee craving strikes and you want to whip something up FAST. Just dissolve a good quality instant coffee in hot water, mix in your milk or creamer of choice and top with plenty of ice!

Dirty Iced Chai Latte: I love a good chai latte but sometimes the coffee shop dirty chais are way too sweet for me. This recipe is simply sweetened with honey and sounds like the perfect summer drink!

Homemade Caramel Iced Coffee: A little bit more indulgent, but this creamy caramel iced coffee would be the perfect weekend treat. You can even make your own caramel sauce using just milk, sugar, and sea salt!

I always enjoy my iced coffee through a straw and these are the glass straws that we use at home. I also love this tumbler if we’re on the go! You can find all of these coffee recipes + lots more summer inspiration on my Pinterest page, and be sure to tag me in Instagram stories if you try making any of these for yourself!

What’s your go-to coffee order? Do you switch to iced coffee in the summer?