Ask Liz over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • July 10, 2020

Can you talk about preparing your body for getting pregnant? You have talked about vitamins that you are taking but I would love to know if there are other things you are doing from a health, fitness, or nutrition perspective. I am preparing to get pregnant for the first time and would love any guidance on how to set my body up for success. 

I wouldn’t say that I consciously prepared to get pregnant aside from taking prenatal vitamins. However, after having Jack and over the past two years I think I’ve really dedicated the time to doing what’s best for my body. Exercising more, eating a healthier diet, etc. So although I wasn’t strategic about getting my body ready, I do feel like I entered this pregnancy the healthiest I have been (plus a few months of quarantine!) in a long time. I think the most important thing you can do is keep up with everything we know to be healthy and good for ourselves, try not to stress (this is a big one!) and trust the process.

Congrats on Baby #3! Have you thought about baby names yet? Any favorites you’re willing to share? 🙂

Honestly, no! That’s going to be a tough one. For boys I love Teddy, William and Henry and for girls I love Lucy, Lyla, Emma and Annie.

Do you see yourself moving or staying in the same house with three kids?

I answered this in yesterday’s post but we will be staying in our house!

What’s your workout routine looking like these days? Have you made any adjustments for pregnancy?

Very limited cardio. Working out at home pretty much means running outdoors and jumping rope which has been hard for me with just feeling nauseous and very unbalanced. Hoping to pick that back up in my second trimester! I am still working out with my trainer (weight training and HIIT workouts) over zoom 2X a week. I’m going to do a Q+A with my trainer about pregnancy safe workouts/precautions you should be taking for exercising while pregnant.

I’m looking for some new clothing brands to try! Any suggestions? My current favorites are Rebecca Taylor and Ulla Johnson, so anything similar would be great!

I’ve been obsessed with & Other Stories (did a post about them here!), I recently discovered The Avenue which is filled with the prettiest, feminine pieces, Maisonette has pretty pieces for mommy and me and Tuckernuck to name a few!

Can you link some affordable options for dainty/everyday jewelry?

Yes! I love this coin chain necklace, this crescent pendant necklace, this cool chain necklace, this sunburst coin necklace, this small link chain necklace, these fun build-your-own bracelet stacks, anything from Omi Woods, I love Mejuri’s earrings and rings…to name a few!

What are your favorite shorts to wear while running?

Usually the lululemon Track That Short in 5″ but I also just ordered these from Amazon to try (in the green + pink, I’ll report back!).

Newly pregnant and my bras are no longer fitting! What’s your go-to comfy bra?

Harper Wilde are the BEST. I’m finding the older I get the more support my boobs need – ha, sad. My favorites are The Base for everyday, The Flex for strapless and The Bliss for lounging (size up)! I often get asked to do a post about sponsorships from brands that turn out to be favorites and HW is at the top of that list. I had never heard of them when we worked together last year but I am a dedicated fan now. My BIGGEST recommendation for bras is get professionally fitted. Sizing is so strange and you really want to be spot on with this to have the best fit/make sure your bras look their best under your clothes! Also important to note, boobs are so weird during pregnancy – constantly growing and changing. Do your best with fit but know that when the baby arrives your boobs will triple in size again and then possibly become pancakes like mine. The joy!

I’ve been quarantining with my boyfriend’s family on Cape Cod for two months—they are such angels! I want to get his parents something nice as a “thank you” for hosting us when this is all over but am stumped for ideas. Thinking of spending $250-500! Any suggestions??

What about a Staub French Oven and a cookbook? Or some gorgeous cheeseboard accessories? Or some DREAMY handblown glassware from Estelle Colored Glass? Or an Amanda Lindroth pitcher and glasses—love these.

What car seats are you currently using for the boys?

Charlie has the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio which I love love love. Jack has the Britax Marathon which is also great but the straps get twisted and I just generally like the Peg Perego more. When we went to buy Jack a convertible car seat the Peg Perego was out of stock which is why they are different!

Any recent favorite summer finds for Jack and Charlie? Clothes, toys, anything!

To be honest – I haven’t been shopping that much lately! I did just place an order for the boys on Zara but haven’t received—I’ll share when I do. We did get this slip and slide for the boys and they LOVE IT. We have a small backyard and it is the perfect size. My kids have been living in these Native sandals which I love because they can put on themselves! I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head!

What strategies do you have for dealing with burnout? Struggling with this lately!

Taking a break! And not feeling guilty about admitting you need a break. I honestly think that’s the only way to get to the other side of a burnout, otherwise, you keep powering through and it only gets worse. Also doing things that help with your mental reset—get outdoors, plan an activity to look forward to, read a book, put your phone AWAY (like turn it off for the weekend), indulge, and do something for yourself.

Do you have any advice for coping with changing friendships throughout the various stages of life?

This is such a tough topic! I wrote a whole post about maintaining/changing friendships as you get older here. I think admitting to yourself that it’s okay to let things go. If something isn’t serving you then it probably isn’t worth your time. That doesn’t mean you have to say “this is the end” but it’s okay to distance and see what happens. You can’t adjust your timeline or stages of your own life to accommodate others. You have to do what is best for you!

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