Liz over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Summer Mindset

I’ve been thinking a lot about this year so far and the impact it has had on my life today. It’s been a year of change, of unknowns, of unrest and uncertainty. It’s been a wake up call, a reminder that we all need to slow down, savor the micro moments, focus on what’s in front of us and enjoy the things that really matter.

As I look ahead to summer and the next few months which usually consists of a packed calendar, busy weekends, kids activities and family vacations; I’m comforted by the space. Open days on the calendar, nowhere to go and nowhere to be but here…truly, the gift of time! The shift taking place in our world has affected every aspect of our lives but also reminded me of what’s most important. I posted on my Instagram the other day “hold on tight to the good stuff, let go of the rest.” That’s my summer mindset (and beyond).

So what does that look like? More moments like this. Feet in the grass, happy faces, more time spent with my kids, less time on the phone and spontaneous fun. A reminder that these moments are the most important, the moments in front of you. We walked the boys to the park the other night and after running around the playground we all plopped down in the field and laughed and talked about our days and watched the boys chase each other. It was such a simple, special moment that reminded me of how much I love this time together.

I had so many questions about this leopard print jumpsuit (also comes in this fun palm print!) and it is a new arrival from Walmart’s Scoop collection. It is the most comfortable and flattering fit and I recommend sizing down (I am in a XS, usually a small).  I think this new launch may be my favorite ever – so many pieces to live your best summer. This sweater tank has been on my wishlist for months and they finally restocked it in the neutral colors (white and tan) and I bought it to wear with this maxi skirt. I’ll share some more pieces in my IG stories!

So what is your summer mindset? I’d love to hear!!

A big thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post.