Living over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

The Reality of Working From Home Right Now

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Working from home has its perks but when everyone else in your household is at home finding a quiet place to actually work can be tough. I’ve been working from home for awhile but I still struggle to get into a routine when life feels hectic and there are lots of other items on the to-do list. There are a few things that I do to help me feel productive between work and life. Most days it’s a balance of everything at once and somehow it comes together in complete chaos. I think it is a good reminder that we are all doing our best during these uncertain times. Things will get checked off the list, laundry will get put away, the dishwasher will get emptied and what ultimately matters is that everyone is healthy and happy. But, finding ways to tackle it all helps me feel productive, gives me a little escape from the craziness and helps me accomplish the things that need to be done. 

The other day I shared a day in the life video on my IGTV. I featured a “tour of my office” which basically means any corner of my home, ha. It is a free-for-all around here and I’ve learned that any little victory throughout the day feels like a big victory. For example, instead of my calendar focusing on work tasks, sometimes the most important tasks are a shower, blow drying my hair and getting dressed. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is write a list of personal to-do’s and professional to-do’s. I prioritize and am conscious of what will actually get done that day so not to overwhelm myself. Since we are all working from home I think it’s important to remember that our ability to accomplish what we usually do without distraction will not be the same. We are all juggling a million different tasks, managing stress levels and trying to keep a happy face. Remember that it’s okay to do what you can at your own pace. I’m constantly reminded that the health and happiness of my family comes before anything else. 

One thing that helps me to completely shift my mindset into productivity is getting dressed. I am way more inclined to have a productive and positive day when I put a little effort into my appearance. I’ve slowly been switching out my closet and shedding all of my heavy layers and dark fabrics in exchange for some happier prints and brighter colors. I can’t tell you how comfortable this dress is, I find myself reaching for it whenever the sun is shining! Even if I have nowhere to go. It also comes in this cute top version which I’m considering ordering in black. Walmart has so many cute arrivals for Spring like this eyelet dress (would be so pretty for a Mother’s Day celebration at home!), this floral blouse (pair with my favorite white jeans!), this lace wrap bodysuit, this smocked top and this mini dress! Working from home is definitely made brighter when you have some pretty new pieces in your closet. 

How’s your situation at home? Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and remember that this will pass! xoxo

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