Health & Fitness over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

At Home Full Body Workout

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How’s everyone feeling? Good? Last week I was kind of hitting a slump with my routine. Feeling unmotivated and searching for more consistency in our day to day. A big thing for me is feeling productive, whether that’s personally or professionally. One of the items on my to-do list is pushing my body and getting a good sweat in at some point in my day. Since getting into a routine with fitness I automatically feel like my day is won if I get a workout in. With all of this time spent at home it’s been a challenge to get creative with our workouts! We usually try to incorporate at least two days of strength training sessions a week with moves that challenge both Dave and myself. Since it looks like we will be working out from home for a while, I thought it would be fun to share three circuits that we’ve been doing at home that challenge us to move our bodies.

Dave and I both do these workouts and just make them more challenging (depending on each other’s strength) with heavier weights, higher reps, or fewer breaks. These circuits are a great combo of cardio, arms, legs, and core work. You’ll definitely feel the burn! I usually use 5-10lb weights depending on the move and Dave will use anywhere from 10-35lbs. #showoff


CIRCUIT 1: repeat 3x

12X squat press
20X weighted jumping jacks
30x alternating step ups with a switch at the top

CIRCUIT 2: repeat 3x

20x alternating kneeling to stand with weights at shoulders
20x alternating bicep curls with sumo squat
20x forearm to plank 

CIRCUIT 3: repeat 3x

15x side plank dips on each side
20x alternating lunge with arm extension
10x man makers (alternating back row with push up – so 5x each side)

Adjust to your own strength with fewer reps and lower weight and see what you can do! This is a BODY BURN. Dave and I also filmed a video of this workout which you can find on my IGTV!

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