Family over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Learning at Home with Homer

If you’re a parent then I’m guessing this quarantine has been somewhat of a challenge. I feel you! I’ve been on this rollercoaster of navigating all of our time at home combined with maintaining routine. One area that has been especially challenging is keeping Charlie up to speed with school/learning. Ever since we talked about great learning resources for kids I have been on the hunt for the best programs for Charlie. We are all in this situation where we are having to take on more roles as parents that we aren’t necessarily good at and for me that is teaching. Layer that with teaching AT HOME and it’s hard to create a space that encourages Charlie to learn without being distracted. When we started our quarantine I was determined to dedicate a couple hours of day to Charlie’s “schooling” (although he is only 4 and we don’t have a set curriculum) and so many of you recommended Homer!

What differentiates Homer from a lot of other programs that I’ve tried is that it covers EVERYTHING from phonics, listening, letters, rhyming, matching but also incorporates creative breaks with coloring, building your own pictures and more. It’s a great balance of the things he needs to learn while also giving their little minds a break to explore. Once you sign up for a subscription you take a little survey for your child to distinguish their abilities and then finalize a “program.” Charlie is currently doing the Pre-K levels which is exactly where he is in his schooling. 

As your child makes his way through the programs that earns stars once they complete their levels. I love seeing Charlie’s face light up when he gets a new star, the same sort of feeling I’m sure he gets from his teachers at school. I appreciate programs that cater to a child’s confidence (something that Charlie FEEDS off of) and Homer does just that. I love that as a parent you can log in and check on their progress, to see what they have completed and the types of lessons they are learning! I use this to integrate workbooks so he can use pen and paper to focus on similar topics. Homer also has an entire page of printables that you have access to with a membership that correspond to the levels your child is working on! It’s seriously the best. We have the APP on our iPad but then Charlie will also use one of our laptops directly from the website.

If Charlie’s subtle smile in these photos tells you anything it’s that Homer makes him feel successful and that makes my heart happy. Also when he is focusing he always sticks his tongue out so you know that Homer keeps even the most active child listening and learning!

A big thank you to Homer for sponsoring this post!