Wellness over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Vitamins to Keep Your Kids Healthy During Flu Season

I’m a little crazy when it comes to vitamins for my kids. It wasn’t until this year that I feel like I found a combination that works for us and sure enough, when I forgot to pack the goods for our trip to Florida we returned to strep throat and ear infections. The bottom line is we can’t keep our kids away from all of the germs that float around everything. We can prevent and clean as best as we can but building up their immune systems so they are at a place to fight whatever comes their way is just as important. I am in no way a pro at this and I’m sure there are a ton of other vitamins/brands that are just as helpful or even better. I’m just telling you what we use and what works.

I’m going to say that starting my kids on a probiotic has been a GAME CHANGER. Having that good bacteria in your body is essential for fighting off the bad stuff. My kids love these Smarty Pants probiotics. Jack takes one and Charlie takes two each morning. The Smarty Pants vitamins as a whole are amazing – so many great options for teens, girls, adults, etc. I also like the Culturelle Probiotics with no flavor that you can mix in with water, a great option if your kids don’t take the gummy vitamins! Jack doesn’t drink enough water for this to make sense for him but Charlie will chug this up. It’s nice to have both options!

For immunity I rely on a few different things. Elderberry is a huge one for us! Jack loves these Zarbees Elderberry chews but note they are pretty thick and chewy so I cut into four pieces for him! Charlie doesn’t love super chewy vitamins (his gag reflux gets the best of him, ha) so he will tolerate this Elderberry syrup! I personally think that different syrups taste different (Charlie didn’t like the Zarbee’s brand of syrup) so whatever works best for your kiddos! I try to give the them elderberry every other day if not every day! I also have Trader Joe’s Gummy C supplements which Dave and I take, too! Just for an extra boost. I’ll also give the boys these L’il Critters Immune C chews. Charlie gets two and Jack gets one!

In all honesty I’m not the best about giving my kids multivitamins. I try to rely on their diets to get them what they need but this is definitely not possible all the time. Jack is my picky eater so what I can’t fill his body with I at least feel better when he is getting a little extra from a multivitamin. There are so many great options but I actually just ordered these because we are almost out of ours!

So I want to hear from you! What are you favorite vitamins for kids or tricks to keep your kids healthy? A follower just told me she puts a drop of garlic oil in her daughters ear whenever she starts to get sick and she has never had an ear infection! Whattt! I’ve never heard of this. Dave and I take Oil of Oregano when we start to feel sick. But let’s get some tricks going on in the comments!

Here is to keeping our homes happy and healthy!! xx