Health & Fitness over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My New Favorite Leggings + Tips for Finding Your Groove with Exercise

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Whenever I share videos of my workouts on Instagram the first question I get is always about my leggings. My response is usually one of two styles: lululemon Align 25” leggings or lululemon Wunder Under High Rise 25” in Full-On Luxtreme fabric. They are a very similar style – both are flexible and high waisted. I would personally say the Align is more comfortable with buttery soft fabric (ideal for yoga, it’s basically like you’re wearing nothing) but I love the Wunder Under for sweaty workouts. Well, my two favorites basically birthed a new baby – the Wunder Train High Rise leggings in their new Everlux fabric. The combination of comfort, a tight fit and sweat wicking fabric is my dream legging all wrapped into one. I’ve been wearing them with everything from cardio to strength sessions with my trainer! I usually like the 25” inseam  in their leggings because I’m 5’4” and they hit just above my ankle but if you’re taller you may like the longer inseam.

Finding your groove with exercise is not easy. It’s kind of a mental game you play with yourself and it takes time, a lot more time than is ideal. Whether you want to get into a routine with exercise for general health reasons, are looking to lose weight or just want to push yourself towards a new goal, I think it is nice to talk to someone about exactly what you want out of exercise. I know a trainer isn’t for everyone but even if it is an instructor of a new workout class, someone you respect in the fitness space or a trainer at your local gym, detailing your goals and putting them out there for someone else to give feedback on helps push you in the right direction. It took me saying out loud that I needed a change and someone holding me accountable to actually hold myself accountable.

“Be stronger than your excuses.”

This is such a true statement. I was the queen of excuses and talking to someone helped me visualize my goals, my routine and how to implement exercise into my lifestyle. Saying it outloud meant there was someone other than myself checking in on me. Here are a few tips to get started with adding fitness into your routine:

  1. Set a small goal and go after it. I started with something small – running 6 miles a week for one month. I thought if I could run just 2 miles, 3x a week I would feel successful! You can’t set a goal that is likely unattainable. Reach for something small, complete it and ride that confidence into another goal!
  2. Take before and after photos. I took these almost every month for a year and let me tell you, seeing the change in your body is the best motivation that physical activity works! We all deserve to feel a little vain sometimes. 
  3. Make due with what you have! If joining a gym, class exercises, etc. don’t fit in with your schedule then create something that works for you at home! Workout at home while your kids nap, bring your kids to the daycare at your gym (my kids love it!!). Don’t make excuses, make a change.
  4. Write down your workouts in your calendar. Consistency will help exercise become a part of your day without any extra thought! Book a class a week in advance, make time for it even if you only have 20 minutes, do something physical so you can say “I got it done!”

Remember that we only get one chance with the body that we have. Treat it well! Life is all about balance. Don’t feel guilty about doing something for YOU.

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