Family over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Whole Foods Shopping List + Why I Like to Shop There

By now you are all aware of my love for Whole Foods. I feel very strongly about buying organic, feeding my family foods without antibiotics, that are non-GMO and as all natural as possible. Although it is pricey it is also an investment into our wellness and that’s a price I’m willing to pay. Obviously buying organic is available at many grocery stores across the nation but I love Whole Foods because of their high quality of products, their alternatives for foods packed with processed hydrogenated fats, hormones, etc., how they educate their customers about being healthy, all of their organic products are also NON-GMO (or they are working towards this!), they have high quality standards for their meat and seafood, they support local farmers and so much more.

Growing up my family always had higher standards for our food. My dad grew up in a tiny town in the middle of Kansas. He would hunt/fish for their family dinner every morning before school with his dad. My grandfather worked for his family farm after 5th grade and sadly passed away from Leukemia before I was born, said to be because of over exposure to pesticides/radiation on their farm. Once a year my parents buy an organic cow to have grass fed beef throughout the entire year. My brother works for a company that is focused on creating perennial crops to preserve our farm lands and avoid soil degradation. We like to cook, we like to discover places that encourage fresh, homegrown, natural ways of eating! I think my passion for cooking and creating meals for my family comes from this sort of back story. Food excites me! I always want to make sure my kids are consuming the best!

Of course my kids eat the not so good stuff, too. So do we! I share this post to say that I *try* to focus on buying produce, meat and seafood, deli products etc. from Whole Foods. If I don’t shop at Whole Foods I’ll buy organic from Target, Trader Joe’s or Marianos. But more often than not I shop at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Grocery List for the Entire Family

To be honest I prefer to shop in store because I like to choose my own meat and produce. I do use Amazon Prime delivery if I’m in a pinch but since we live so close to Whole Foods I’ll usually try to go myself. Here is what I usually buy:


  • mixed greens
  • cucumber
  • mini peppers
  • avocado
  • sweet potatoes
  • lemons/limes
  • honey crisp apples
  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • grapes
  • bananas


  • boneless/skinless chicken tenders
  • spicy italian chicken sausage
  • low sodium deli turkey breast
  • ground beef
  • rotisserie chicken
  • frozen shrimp
  • applegate hot dogs (can also get at TJ’s!)

Dairy/Refrigerated Items

  • whole milk
  • half & half
  • oat milk creamer
  • almond milk
  • orange juice
  • organic cage free eggs
  • field & farmer buffalo jalapeño dip
  • hummus
  • babybel cheese (or I buy at TJ’s!)
  • greek yogurt
  • shaved parmesan cheese
  • gotham greens pesto
  • whole wheat tortillas
put this Field + Farmer buffalo jalapeno dip on your list!

Frozen Items

  • frozen berries
  • frozen avocado
  • frozen cauliflower pizza
  • frozen peas
  • frozen spinach
  • applegate maple turkey sausage

Other Random Items

  • cashews
  • beanfields jalapeno chips
  • white bread
  • modern table rotini pasta
  • rao’s pasta sauce
  • cereal (this is our boy’s favorite!)
  • dried mango
  • olive oil
  • avocado oil
  • apple cider vinegar
  • almond butter

A lot of these items stay stocked in our house! These aren’t purchased every single time I go but these are our most used/loved items from Whole Foods. I’m going to do a big post of my favorite easy weeknight recipes that work for both us and the kids featuring a ton of these items. Like I said, it’s an investment into us, into our bodies and doing what I can to ensure that what they are consuming is safe for them. I’m just doing my best with what I know. We are all just trying to do our best!