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My Workout + Meal Plan • Week of February 10, 2020

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Good morning and happy Monday! Oy you guys, I have been on a indulgent streak the past few weeks and I need to LOCK. IT. UP. Not in a bad way, but less wine and less sugar would do me well. I was doing sooo well not eating sugar over the past 6 months and then the holiday hit and that sweet tooth is back in a major way. My goal this week is to be more conscious of that and have a little more willpower this week!

My workouts always stay pretty consistent, I’m in such a groove with exercising now that it usually has a time slot during my days not matter what. Routine is key with me when it comes to working out and it helps me so much to see it on my calendar every day. I feel so much better when I’m running 15 miles a week – leaner and stronger.

I no longer follow FWTFL (you can see my blog post about it here!) but I do like intermittent fasting and I need to hold strong there this week. Again, I feel less bloated and leaner when I consistently fast. I know intermittent fasting isn’t for everyone but it makes me feel good! You can read more about IF here.

I like these posts because not only do they hold me accountable for the week but it seems to inspire you all, too! We are all trying to do the best we can when it comes to doing good for our bodies and I love that this really helps me prioritize it even when the week gets busy! You can download a blank template below!

Do you like these posts? Would you want to see anything different? Let me know!

Download a blank template to make your own weekly workout + meal plan HERE!