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Creating a Nighttime Routine You’ll Love

Shop the post: Snooze White Noise Machine, HUM Nutrition Mighty Night Tablets, Lett Rib Flare PantVerishop 

Shop the post: Snooze White Noise Machine, HUM Nutrition Mighty Night Tablets, Lett Rib Flare PantVerishop

In the new year I’ve been making a conscious effort to create a night time routine that better serves me. For so long Dave and I would stay up late just to have some extra time after the kids were asleep but we would wake up tired and regretful of our late bedtime. Our nights are so hectic anyways getting everyone fed, bathed and ready for bed that I have been determined to get myself more settled so I can wake up feeling my best!

I’ve said this before but getting a good night sleep is one of the greatest things I do for myself. Sleep has always been something I need to really function (lack of sleep is like a hangover for me!) and the routine leading up to it is my time to feel a little selfish and indulgent. In the past few years I’ve learned the importance of nice bedding, beautiful pajamas, a sleep mask or fancy nighttime skin routine because it makes me feel better as I end the day! You all know I’m a big advocate for doing what makes YOU happy and if that means you spend all your dollars on a high end sleep situation then so be it. Verishop is one of those places I go when I want to find something indulgent. They have the most curated collection of items across all categories that are sure to elevate your wardrobe, beauty routine, fitness goals or even your sleep. They have it all!

I first stumbled across their Sleep Shop when I was looking for a sound machine for Dave and I. After 4 years of a sound machine echoing through our halls we decided it was time to get one for our own room (we can’t sleep without subtle white noise now!). I had heard of the SNOOZ and it has been a welcomed addition to our room! The noise is different than any other sound machine we’ve had! It literally muffles all other sounds. I can’t explain it but it is amazing! Upon further browsing I stumbled upon these HUM Nutrition Mighty Night tablets and I was interested because my skin has been a dry mess lately! I mentioned this on Instagram but my skin has been less dehydrated in the mornings and way more healthy looking. I’ve also noticed a better quality of sleep. Needless to say both of these have become staples in my nightly “me” time. A few other things I’m trying to do is leave my phone downstairs for the night (not allowed in the bedroom!) and read for 30 minutes before bed.

Verishop’s Sleep Shop has everything you didn’t know you needed to create a peaceful sleep situation! Including the most comfortable pants that I put on as soon as I’m home from daycare pickup. The entire site is filled with the dreamiest items! In all honesty, Verishop has been on my radar for awhile now (I love the expansive products they carry that is so well curated!) and I’m very excited to share them with you today!

PS: They carry other favorite brands like Agolde, Free People, The Great, Boll & Branch and so many more!, 

M Y   F A V O R I T E S   F R O M   V E R I S H O P

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