Ask Liz over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • January 10, 2020

How did you change your skincare routine when pregnant? Did you try to use “cleaner” products in terms of face wash, night cream etc? Do you think Tula would be good for a pregnant skincare routine?

Yes! Generally I stayed away from retinol and salicylic acid. Tula (use code LIZADAMS for 20% off!), Elemis, Biossance and Tata Harper are some of my favorites! 

It seems like a lot of bloggers and Instagram influencers have young kids right now. How do you think your career and the blogging industry, in general, will evolve in the next decade? Has it crossed your mind what Charlie and Jack will think of having their journey digitally documented when they’re teenagers? Interesting to think about!

Yes! All the time! I think the future of their world is going to be social but if they get to point where they ever feel uncomfortable in front of the camera or on my platforms, I will completely respect their choices. I personally hope that my business evolves enough by that point where their journey is no longer necessarily documented (although I don’t think I necessarily document THEIR journey, more so mine as a mother). I already see a shift where people are connecting more to the real-life stories instead of the editorial, perfect images. I can’t tell you what the blogging industry will look like as a whole but if family is the focus of my brand, it will always stay that way. 

Did you get your parents/in-laws a special gift for your wedding day? Do you have any thoughtful, memorable recommendations?

Yes! We got my mother-in-law a bracelet, my mom a clutch for the wedding day and my dad a tie clip!

Did you do anything special to make Jack’s arrival easier on Charlie? Any tips for introducing a younger sibling?

Charlie was at a really good age when Jack was born (he was 26 months!). He was young enough to not really have much of an interest in his baby brother and also didn’t seem to be too affected. We made a really strong effort to spend time with just Charlie. We also bought him this doctor’s kit and gave it to him at the hospital to ‘check’ his baby brother. 

How do you wash/store your sweaters? I feel like mine get ratty quickly.

I dry clean my sweaters often. It is definitely expensive but I don’t want to risk ruining them. 

What do you miss most about living in the city? 

The food! The energy! The options. I loved walking outside at any moment and feeling like there was something going on or that people were around!

Are you still planning to live in Charleston for a month?

No. Maybe one day we will have a vacation home there but we decided that our roots are planted in Chicago. 

Would you ever consider working as a stylist again?

I don’t think so! I hope that my blog and instagram inspires people enough!

Any tips for growing out your eyebrows? I need help!

Just fight every urge to tweeze them! It will suck for 4-6 weeks but you’ll be soooo happy! Use a good brow gel to keep them in shape and just grin and bare it. I remember telling lots of people – “please ignore my eyebrows!” Haha. 

I love how close you are with your siblings! Do you feel that your parents did anything special to help you all grow close, or did it happen naturally?

Thank you! I think my parents just always made us feel very loved, were very family oriented and we always did things together as a family. Not to say we had our moments, my sister and I were in high school together and we definitely fought a lot! My brother and I are eight years apart so our lives were so different growing up. We really didn’t become “friends” until I went to college and he was a little bit older. I think just remembering it takes time. We still have our moments but overall we genuinely love spending time together. We work on our relationships, we put effort into them, we include each other.

Soon-to-be first time mom here and starting to think about our newborn photos in the hospital…I would love baby outfit suggestions for a newborn photoshoot! What did Jack and Charlie wear?

I don’t even remember, ha. They were both wrapped up in blankets or in pajamas! I love something simple like these bodysuits from M+A and then a cute hat. Charlie’s newborn photos here and Jack’s here! #omg

Are you a nervous flyer? If so, any tips?

Yes! Lots of water, distraction and I say a prayer and do a sign of the cross on every takeoff. It’s something my mom has done my entire life and brings me comfort. 

Do you think you’ll dye your hair when you start noticing grays?

Um I should have done this a year ago. I have a lot of grays but it is random, not all together enough to see it (so far)! I mean probably yes but hair coloring does not work well with my hair. It always ends up becoming super brassy and orange. Not looking forward to that!

What’s your all-time favorite pair of black jeans? Preferably with no tears or rips, as I’m hoping to wear them to work. Thank you!!

These Everlane High Rise skinnies!! The best! Seen here and here!

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