Holidays over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My Gift Giving Strategy

My gift giving strategy has shifted a little bit this year and I am being way more conscious of the items I’m buying. A perk of this job is that I get to try a lot of products from beauty, fashion and home that when it comes to gifting my loved ones I really want the things I’m giving to be something I personally consider special. Whether it’s a fun fashion item, a favorite candle, something cozy or even an experience—this year I am making sure that everything I gift has been tried, tested and approved! That is what is fun about gift giving! You get to impart a little bit of your style or something that brings you joy into someone else’s style or home or whatever it may be. 

Throughout the year, Nordstrom is one of my favorite shopping destinations. I can always trust that they carry the brands that I love and their customer service can’t be beat. But Nordstrom around the holidays is like a candy land of gift giving! So many pop up shops and so many new brands and products. I always tell Dave that being a buyer for Nordstrom would be especially fun around the holidays because they legit think of everything! The holiday spirit is felt as soon as you visit their website or walk into the store and I always appreciate a festive shopping experience this time of year. I love that you can search gifts by price—gifts under $25, gifts under $50, gifts under $100, gifts under $150 and gifts $150+. Their gift guide for everyone is pretty amazing too! Here are my can’t miss gift items from Nordstrom:

My Patagonia Better Sweater that gets the most wear out of everything in my closet! 

The best holiday candle hands down. I try to find something else better but never have!

My cozy pink faux fur slippers that I live in every time I’m at home. So warm but not TOO warm – you know?

These packing cubes are amazing—my mom is an overpacker (sorry mom!) and I gave these to her last year. Game changer!

How cute is this leopard faux fur stole? The perfect holiday accessory that you’ll wear all winter long. 

I use my Hydroflask water bottle every single day, all day long. 

I know the Dyson Hairdryer is a splurge but an amazing investment in time! It dries my hair so so fast. 

The prettiest fragrance

The coziest socks! I have at least 6 pairs of these and always buy a new print year after year. 


I’ve gotten word that their Black Friday Sale (which starts Wednesday morning!) and Cyber Monday Sale (which starts Friday!) are going to be AMAZING. Make sure you check back here for updated links and all of my picks! My mom and sister and I always make a trip to the store for shopping and lunch (Nordstrom tomato soup anyone?!) after Thanksgiving which always gets me in the holiday spirit!

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!