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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness Gifts

Shop this gift guide: No. 1 Vibrating Foam Roller // No. 2 Relax and Renew Gift Box // No. 3 lululemon Keep Cold Bottle // No. 4 TULA Glow All Out Kit // No. 5 Apple Watch // No. 6 Ask Me About My Feelings Sweatshirt // No. 7 Air Pods // No. 8 lululemon Belt Bag // No. 9 Resistance Bands // No. 10 Equilibria All is Calm Holiday Box (use code lizadams for 20% off!) // No. 11 Glam Pouch // No. 12 Nike Air Max 720 Sneakers

This may be one of my favorite giveaways thus far! Wellness and self care has really been a big priority for me over the past couple years and I can’t imagine anyone not loving one of these fabulous items under the tree. This time of year used to be full of excuses for me – “I’ll start eating healthy on January 1! I’ll workout more in the new year! It’s the holidays, have the cookie (or 4)!” – and since finding a more consistent routine and genuine love for a healthier lifestyle, I don’t feel guilty saying “hey! it’s the holidays! enjoy yourself!” I think a lot of time we look at getting into a routine or finding a workout we love or making healthier decisions like this huge life shift when in reality it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about finding the balance between consuming the things you love but working out enough to really enjoy them (without that internal guilt). It took me a long time to get to a place where I wasn’t putting so much pressure on myself or making excuses over and over again; it’s a way of life for me now and I feel like this gift guide really encourages you to be selfish about the things that will push you in a better direction. Whether that is splurging on an apple watch to help you maintain your goals, buying the cheeky sweatshirt or creating a mood around your home to make you happy. Wellness is whatever you need it to be – whatever keeps you feeling well! All of these pieces are for those of you who need a little selfish indulgence this holiday season because sometimes we have to think about ourselves! Here are a few of my favorite things…

If you’re going to splurge (or add to your wishlist), I use my Apple Watch and AirPods every single day.

How cute is this sweatshirt? has so many amazing self care inspired graphic tees/sweatshirts – also love this, this and this!

Two fitness items I have at home and use religiously are my vibrating foam roller and my resistance bands! My parents bought me this roller last Christmas and both Dave and I use it multiple times a week (my trainer uses it on my legs after every workout we do together). It’s an amazing gift idea for loved ones who are big into working out! These resistance bands come with me on every trip and make it hard to make up excuses when I’m traveling. They come in a bunch of fun color options, too!

I have and LOVE this lululemon belt bag (seen here!) – a cute gift idea for your fashionable friends!

For your friends that may live far away, a gift idea for your boss, grandparents, new moms or even a really nice teachers gift – this Relax and Renew box by LifeTherapy is such a good idea! My mom gifted me some of their products last summer (it’s her friend’s business!) and the entire idea behind their products is amazing. CHOOSE YOUR MOOD! All products are completely clean and packed with only the best stuff! You can choose your theme whether you want to be grounded, inspired, energized, loved, transformed, etc. It’s such a beautiful brand!

You can’t go wrong with one of Tula’s holiday kits! Remember to use code lizadams for 20% off!

I may or may not have ordered these Nike’s as an early Christmas present for myself…ooops!

Now for today’s giveaway…I’m sooo excited!

T O D A Y ‘ S   G I V E A W A Y


GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Today we are giving away THREE Equilibria All Is Calm holiday boxes to three lucky readers! I have raved about the powers of CBD before (read my blog post here) but I can’t begin to tell you how amazing their All is Calm box is! Any recipient of these products has no idea the life changing powers they are about to experience. I’m so excited to give three of you the opportunity to experience this first hand. To enter: leave a comment on this blog post telling me one of your goals for 2020 (a new decade!). For an extra entry, I’ll be posting a photo in my IG feed as a chance for an additional entry! A winner will be announced TOMORROW (Sunday!) afternoon!

*remember you can get 20% off your purchase from Equilibria using code lizadams!

Shop more of my favorite wellness gifts below:

2020 is going to be the year of YOU!!