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2019 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

Shop this gift guide: No. 1 J.Crew Quilted Jacket // No. 2 Everlane Felted Merino Hoodie // No. 3 Weber iGrill 2 App-Connected Thermometer // No. 4 Sherling-Lined Chukka Boots // No. 5 Wireless Charging Accessory Tray // No. 6 YETI Roadie Cooler // No. 7 2-in1 Garment Communter Bag // No. 8 Yellow Lab Needlepoint Hat // No. 9 Veja V-10 Sneakers

Let’s be honest, shopping for guys kind of sucks. I feel like men don’t shop enough that when they do they buy what they want so it’s important to get creative when it comes to gifting our favorite guys. Luckily, I feel like Dave Adams found some GEMS this year and I’m excited to share our recommendations! I have to say that the men in my life are pretty low maintenance. Finding gifts for them is on the easy side because they don’t really care about the fluff. So that’s what my focus is on this year – men who appreciate style, don’t let it rule their world, love the outdoors and are just good people. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by strong, confident figures and these gifts are reflective of all of my favorite guys!

When it comes to style, Dave is a man of simple pleasures. He would live in a sweatshirt allllll day, every day which is why I was so excited to discover this Everlane sweater hoodie! It’s an elevated style for our guys that love the be casual. 

I’m embarrassed to say that up until last year Dave was still wearing the winter coat he wore in college (it was terrrrrrible!). He finally upgraded to this puffer coat and it is so handsome! I love that it is made from recycled water bottles, too. 

Veja sneakers – honestly, everyone needs a pair of these sophisticated sneakers (a European favorite!). So cute on men and women!

Dave’s favorite discovery from this year was the iGrill!! You guys this is so fricking cool. We use our grill all year long and this thing makes it so easy to stay warm inside while you’re waiting for your dinner! It comes with probes to put into your meat and when you download the app it sends you notifications for when your dinner is done cooking! It’s the perfect man’s gift!

Don’t you kind of feel like everyone needs this wireless charging tray? It’s amazing! So beautiful and perfect for those with an office and lots of devices. 

You guys, this garment bag is LEGIT. It’s a hanging bag to prevent wrinkled items PLUS a weekender bag for everything else! It easily rolls up to hold everything in place. Perfect for those always on the go! Or just mean in general.

Both of our boys have these shearling chukka boots but Dave was SO. EXCITED. to see that they came in his size, too! So cute and cozy!

T O D A Y ‘ S   G I V E A W A Y


GIVEAWAY DETAILS: to celebrate all of the men in our lives, we are giving away an Weber iGrill 2 Digital Bluetooth Thermometer (it works for every grill!)! I can’t tell you how much Dave loves this thing!  To enter, all you have to do is comment on this blog post! A winner will be announced tomorrow morning on this blog post! 

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Do you find the men in your life hard to shop for?! All of these items are a crowd pleaser!