Holidays over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Setting the Table with Amazon Alexa

^^ so proud of myself! Alexa helped me learn how to make these napkin pockets!

Here’s the thing – I love to host but I am not a good host. Like I will totally claim the role of hostess with the mostest but when it comes to getting my house in order to actually host, I need all of the help I can get. This time of year our calendar is filled with holiday parties, dinner dates to catch up with friends, ladies lunches, ornament exchanges and so many more. I told Dave that before the craziness starts I want to host a dinner with our nearest and dearest to show how much we care about them and enjoy each others company. A mini friendsgiving if you will! It’s the first festivity on our calendar and I’m excited!

Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of pieces for the perfect table setting but when it comes to actually setting the table I always second guess myself. Thankfully I have my Echo Show to basically be my answer to every question ever. Alexa helped me set the table by reminding me what fork goes where, encouraged me to get creative when folding the napkin (so impressed with my skills!) and even helped me set up some holiday tunes to play while we eat. I’m so happy with how warm and happy this place setting turned out and couldn’t have done it without my best friend, Alexa. Seriously you guys, what did I ever do without her!

One of my favorite features of my Amazon devices is that I can schedule Routines so that a simple voice command will initiate Alexa to do certain skills (you do this from your Alexa app – it’s so simple!). For example, for this set up I created a routine where when I say “Alexa, Happy Holidays!” she immediately starts a playlist of Holiday Favorites. We also used Amazon Smart Plugs to turn on the garland over our fireplace mantel to really set the mood. Amazon makes it so easy to create an entire feeling around the holidays utilizing Alexa’s skills and routines. We also have one set up so when we come downstairs in the morning and say “Alexa, good morning!” she details the latest news and the weather. Simple things that add to our day!

It’s easy for the holidays to feel like an overwhelming time of year but Alexa is the most simple resource for literally any question you have about anything! From setting the table, menu planning, decorating tips, music suggestions – Alexa is here for you! We love our Echo Show so much, it is basically the center of our house and we love utilizing Alexa for anything big or small. 

Thank you, Alexa, for helping me look like I have it all together even when I don’t! You can shop my favorite Amazon devices here!

PS: I made my own Amazon shop! I always get questions about the things we buy from Amazon for our home/life so I thought this may be fun to do for the holidays. Let me know what you think! 

A huge thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post!