Holiday Recipes over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Holiday Popcorn Recipe

Happy Halloween!! It’s snowy and wet in Chicago but you better believe the Adams family will be out in full force in our superhero costumes. Charlie decided that Dave would be Superman, I am Supergirl, Charlie is Batman and Jack is Spiderman (he may also be a monkey, ha). I’m sure Jack will only last for a few minutes but either way I can’t wait to march down the street with my kiddos. Charlie is SO excited!

The holidays feel extra special now that Charlie is old enough to appreciate them! I feel like they are already going by so quickly with it almost being November so we are trying to take full advantage over here. We had a family move night this week complete with spooky lights, Casper and this addicting popcorn mix. I should worn you not to make this because you will want to eat the entire thing. I’m pretty sure I consumed half of this tray! What I love most about this is that you can really make it whatever you want. We obviously did a Halloween theme but you could easily make a festive Christmas mix, too. Here’s what you do:

Holiday Popcorn Recipe

What you’ll need:
Popcorn (I used a large bag of Skinny Pop Butter Popcorn)
Chocolate Bars (to melt) – I used a mix of dark and milk chocolate.
Reese’s Pieces and/or Snickers
Candy Corn

In a large bowl mix together popcorn, peanuts, reese’s pieces, candy corn and chopped up candy bars (we used snickers). Using a double boiler so your chocolate doesn’t burn, melt your chocolate bars (I used 5 bars – a mix of dark chocolate and milk chocolate). Once melted, poor the chocolate on the popcorn mix and mix well. Pour popcorn mix on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or sprayed with a non-stick spray (I used grapeseed oil because it doesn’t really have a taste), top with marshmallows and let cool completely! Once cool, break into chunks and enjoy! 

You could easily make this Christmas theme by using green/red M&Ms, sprinkles, snowcaps and anything else that’s festive! Get creative! Your kids will love making this, too.

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween! xoxo