Beauty over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

A New Dry Shampoo to Love from Prose

My hair is really picky. One day I wake up and it’s like “oh hey Liz I’m going to love you today and make you look good!” and other days it’s like “nope.” I’ve always had to be cautious when it comes to the products I use because one bad ingredient can send my hair and scalp into a downward spiral of build up, frizz and more. Usually when someone asks me what I use it’s either my kid’s baby shampoo or a random find from the drugstore. I’ve been too lazy to do my research or don’t have time to figure out the best steps for me personally – until now! Prose is dedicated to creating custom hair care for your personal needs and the results are AMAZING. 

Here’s how it works: Prose creates custom hair products—pre-shampoo mask, shampoo, conditioner, and as of today, dry shampoo!—based on an in-depth consultation (done online!) that takes into account your hair and scalp needs, your daily activity, how you style your hair, your goals and personal preferences. The result is a freshly bottled formula specific to YOU— it even comes with your name on it!—that’s just one of 50 billion possible outcomes. Whoa. Every product is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, GMO’s and cruelty AND based on your preference you can make your formula vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free or fragrance-free. It is completely customizable and literally responds to every hair type!

Along with your products you’ll receive an overview of your hair profile and a personalized routine to give you a breakdown of your consultation results and hair needs. The entire thing is so so interesting and I can’t even begin to tell you how blown away I have been by the results. My hair tends to be on the dryer side, is very sensitive to ingredients and has a high level of sebum (READ: my hair is oily which is interesting because it appears/feels dry) and definitely has some heat damage. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never really used a heat protectant, mainly because I’m always in a rush and I keep telling myself “next time!” I love that the products from Prose have a heat shield built in where you need it and everything is done in order to protect, nourish and really meet the hair goals you’re longing for! 

I’m super excited because today Prose is launching the first customized dry shampoo which I was lucky enough to get a preview of before the launch! A few things I love about it:

It is a non-aerosol translucent powder spray! So it blends into every hair color, doesn’t leave any build up thanks to the super-fine powder formula and helps to actually absorb any excess oil.

There are sooo many benefits in every formula: rice powder to refresh, absorb oil and lift dirt. Aloe vera powder to hydrate, soothe and give a silky touch and kaolin clay to gently cleanse and absorb oil. Then there are custom ingredients based on your needs like tea tree powder to calm your scalp and minimize flakes, witch hazel to control oil production and tapioca starch for extra volume.

I have been using Prose dry shampoo every other day and I’m honestly loving it more than my Living Proof dry shampoo which you all know I’ve used in the past. I truly feel like this may be the best dry shampoo for dark hair because it absorbs so quickly and the powder is so fine. I’m obsessed! Make sure you check out Prose to take your own consultation and finally have hair products designed for you and only YOU. I should have done this years ago (literally wish they were around after having Charlie) because my postpartum hair is thanking me now! I’ve been testing out the custom shampoo, conditioner and pre-shampoo along with the personalized dry shampoo and I’ve noticed a significant difference in the texture of my hair and the time in between washes. 

Follow this link to get $10 off your order when you purchase shampoo + conditioner with your dry shampoo! 

A big thank you to Prose for sponsoring this post!