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Coffee with Liz • August 10, 2019

My best friend is getting married in late September at an outdoor wedding in Phoenix. I had a baby last year and I’m just starting to feel comfortable in my own skin again and I’d love to treat myself to a new dress for the occasion. I love your style and whenever I’ve purchased things you’ve promoted, they become my favorite pieces! Do you have any recommendations for a fun dress to wear to the wedding? 

Yes! I’m all about having some fun with wedding guest attire. A few dresses I’ve worn recently and loved: this gorgeous floral halter dress, this tiered chiffon midi dress (a treat to myself because I was pregnant for the last four weddings I attended HA), this pretty wrap maxi dress, this floral midi dress (love the navy poppy), and this fun printed tie-shoulder dress. I also have a whole post with wedding guest dress ideas here!

I know you talked about being over-influenced, but have you ever suffered from a comparison hangover? Especially on Instagram, how do you deal with looking at people whose job it is to have the perfect body or wardrobe and remind yourself of your value both on and below the surface? Love you, the blog, the content, and the realness. Thank you for being you!

Such a good question and yes of course! I think I’m at a place where I’m more secure in my own life, my priorities and what I really want to spend my time doing. If you had asked me this question before I had kids, I probably would have told you that the comparison game is very consuming. But my mindset is to have blinders on, only let the people in who help to build you up and remember that those lives may look appealing but what you hold value you to could be so different! For example, the travel bloggers who take all of this beautiful imagery all over the world – maybe the don’t have two kids, or a place that feels like home, or a routine that they love – and those are things that genuinely make me happy! If I get to caught up in those things then I forget what truly makes me happy. My biggest suggestion is not to follow the people that make you feel that way. I have done the same (even with some my close friends in the industry!) because it gets to be too much. Our world and the world of social media feeds off of the idea of more, more, more and the bottom line is that mindset isn’t realistic. I think the less you allow those comparison opportunities in then the happier you are. 

I am planning to pull the trigger soon on Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots in black suede and I’m hesitating because I’m worried I won’t wear them enough. Beyond basics like sweater/jeans and a sweater dress, any ideas for outfits, including dresses for date night?

I was also hesitant to pull the trigger on the Stuart Weitzman boots, but I really think they are a great investment because they continue to be in style year after year. Not to mention they are super flattering and keep your legs warm when you hate wearing tights like me! I’ve styled the boots a few different ways on the blog, which you can see here (a great date night look), here, here, here, and here!

I’m headed out on a “moms night out” in a few weeks in the city and this mom of two is horribly out of the nightlife scene. What would you wear? Suggestions for some tops? Thank you!

Enjoy mama! Here are some fun “going out” tops: here (paired with a cute jacket!), here, here!

Do you have a skincare regimen recommendation using drugstore products? I would love to try the more expensive products that many bloggers recommend, but my budget just won’t allow it at this time. 

Yes! Here are a few favorites:

To remove makeup: Simple Micellar Cleansing Water
To brighten skin: Derma E Vitamin C Serum
To combat wrinkles: Neutrogena Retinol Oil
To moisturize: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
To combat dark circles: RoC Retinol Eye Cream

I have a daytime beach wedding to attend the 2nd week in September. Any recommendations on what to wear? Bonus if it’s under $150.

I love this, this or this – all under $150!

My fiancé and I are getting married at city hall early next year (he’s Irish and I’m American), but it’ll be a few years until our “real” wedding in Ireland (a big, proper church wedding). We’re going to wait until our “real” wedding to exchange rings, but I wanted to get him an engraved watch to give to him next year at city hall. Any suggestions? Ideally under $2,000? Thanks!!

I think Shinola makes really great watches for men around $1000! You could do something classic like this or I personally love this!

Our good friends are moving away from Sacramento back to SF. They are a young couple and we want to give them a good goodbye gift. Any good ideas?

I love this wood and marble condiment set for the kitchen or these acrylic coasters (I love the blonde tortoise!). 

I just turned 30 and am experiencing a little bit of reverse “life order” (if that’s such a thing) in that I will be moving from the suburbs to the city to live with my boyfriend in a few months! I’m very excited, but also am a little nervous about the transition to city living. Any tips on making the most of a more urban lifestyle?

Oh my gosh, just enjoy it! Just find your routine and it will feel like a small city (: Walk, carry your groceries, take public transportation, explore new areas, find your favorite date night spots. It is such a special time of life!!

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