Beauty over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

A New Beauty Brand to Love


When we were on our way to Wisconsin, my makeup bag flew off the roof of our car (insert the lady with the hand on her forehead emoji). Before we pulled out of the driveway I realized that I forgot to pack it so I ran back inside, grabbed it, then got to the car and Charlie had unbuckled his carseat so I put the bag on the roof, buckled Charlie in and jumped in the front seat. Completely forgetting that my makeup bag was on the roof! Well fast forward about 9 minutes and we are on the highway, merging onto another and we hear something slide across the top of the roof and crash to the ground behind us. If any of you are on 294N, merging onto 290W towards Rockford and you find a makeup bag filled with GOODS – then please enjoy on me (:

Anywho, once we got closer to our destination we stopped at Walmart for a few things so while Dave took the boys I raced over to the beauty aisles. Does anyone else get sucked into budget friendly beauty products with pretty branding? Well let’s just say, $65 later I was replenished PLUS SOME. You guys I found some gooooodies. You’ve been loving my Walmart beauty finds lately so I thought I’d share a few more that I used and loved while we were in Wisconsin!

Have you ever tried e.l.f. products? Not only is their branding clean and pretty but they have so many products from makeup to skincare to beauty tools. I picked up essentials like this 16hr Camo Concealer (in light peach, which is actually a little too light since I’m rocking a summer tan), this Bronzer Palette and this Natural Glow Face Palette. But then I found a few new favorites like this Coconut Lip Exfoliator and Lip Plumping Gloss in Rose! Seriously you guys, this gloss is my new favorite!! And this lip exfoliator is like a sugar scrub but in lipstick form and is so so nice. Of course I couldn’t leave without these charcoal under eye masks and some new brushes too. These primer sticks are also amazing and so easy to use for quick application! I chose the one with some glow but also love the idea of this one that preps and hydrates

So far I’m obsessed with everything I purchased! I’ll keep sharing more as I experiment with everything I bought (because I bought too much – ha!). 

A big thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!