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Have You Ever Felt Too Influenced?

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A few weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with my assistant, Carolyn, about influencers and if she had ever felt too influenced? Asks the influencer (ha). Like at what point are you listening to all of the suggestions made for you on the internets when one day you look in the mirror and you don’t recognize who you see. It’s an interesting thought…

Don’t get me wrong, I love being an “influencer” (still such a bizarre term to me, I’m just Liz who shares too much) but even I have fallen victim to the overly-influenced. In fact, at the end of last year, I had a come to Jesus moment where I looked in my closet and hated everything I owned. I had succumb to the neutral, distressed, monotone, androgynous and basic styles that are flooding Instagram because they make for an appealing palette/IG profile. When in reality, I’m floral print! and sweet! and feminine! and comfortable while looking cute! Although I appreciate a good basic like everyone else, the pieces that make me happy aren’t what everyone else is wearing. I had been influenced in the wrong way because I was focused on what I thought people wanted to see me wear (because that’s what other successful bloggers were doing too!) rather than what I WANTED to wear and what felt the most like me. Then all of a sudden my closet looked like a cardboard box and everything was the same and nothing really brought me joy. 

I was disappointed in myself. If everyone is sharing the same thing all the time, how will we ever be different? The thing about this industry is that there is space for everyone. Every individual, no matter their shape, size, ethnicity, style, location, whatever, has a place here. But, it’s finding the right people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself, to wear the dress when all you do is wear jeans, to take the trip, to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re doing a great job. It’s those people that are the most influential! So after talking to Carolyn I immediately went through my IG and unfollowed or muted anyone that wasn’t relatable to me anymore, or who’s content brought me anxiety rather than enjoyment (even some of my blog friends!). And you know what, it’s helped me SOO MUCH. Sometimes you have to take a step back and think about what you want rather than having someone tell you what you think you want. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to share the things that I love (that’s what makes this website and my social platforms MINE) but I never want my space to be a place where you feel pressured to dress, look, be, wear any certain thing. I just hope it makes you happy. 

So much has changed for me mentally since becoming a mom. My work used to be consumed by fashion brand collaborations and having the nicest designer bag and planning outfits for fashion week but the shift my business has made to family life and a more general reality is SO MUCH BETTER. I’ll always continue to share the things that I love because we’re all friends here and it’s fun. But just remember, quality over quantity. In every aspect of life! So here is a little reminder that…

    • Just because your favorite blogger got Botox, doesn’t mean you need it too.
    • Just because the biker short trend is in right now, doesn’t mean it looks good on everyone (why is that a trend? yuck). 
    • Just because someone’s life looks sunny and perfect on IG, doesn’t mean that it is. 
    • Liz ran 6 miles on Saturday because she ate a bacon cheeseburger with fries and 4 beers on Friday night. Balance people.

So the idea of being too influenced is interesting – have you ever felt this way?? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I think we all need to be careful not to be too influenced in one way or the other. Stay true to yourself! 💕✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. yes! I actually stopped following a ton of fashion bloggers bc literally all the exact same. With all the sponsored posts, the blogs and insta posts just aren’t as interesting anymore because it is the same thing over and over again. I understand people have to make money, but when 5 people I follow are promoting the exact same thing on the same week, it is just boring. I’m also now in my mid 30s and work part time as a children’s librarian and am home with my small kids the rest of the time. Usually when I’m home I wear a T-shirt and jeans or shorts. And although I love looking cute it just doesn’t make sense to spend a lot on “play with the kids”’cloths. When I’m at work I like to look nice and professional, but fun! Give me some animal prints and flowers and fun patterns over beige any day!! Although truthfully, the trend of all beige and white bother me a lot more on home decor posts. It takes some effort to find home decor/ stylists to follow that are not all boring and white!!! So much of the same beige white BLAH home stuff out there right now. SOOO over that.

    1. Omg SO agree on the all beige/white home decor! I don’t need to live in a rainbow but give me something people!

        1. Furbish Studios is my jam! They are based in Raleigh and have the funkiest stuff. I don’t really have the money to decorate with their products but omg I love it for inspo or funky gifts/gift ideas even:)

  3. Yes! I’ve bought a couple of things and then never managed to figure out how to wear them or incorporate them into my routine. eh-hem the circle bag trend being one of the them 🙂 On the other hand I have also found some new to me brands which I love and I’m not on Instagram so I really enjoy the week of actual outfit posts or a regular day post from a blogger. I work a corporate job and also have a 2-1/2 year old so my range of bloggers and style is quite wide. I am definitely more aware of “being influenced” now and I often take a pause or leave something in my cart longer than I use to in the past 🙂

  4. I was just thinking about this in anticipation of the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Last year I experienced a pivotal series of moments for me. First, I felt uninspired by what influencers were presenting as the pieces they were going to wear all fall. For me the pieces seemed too curated, neutral and honestly a bit boring. Instead of allowing myself to feel like I needed those items (and getting caught in the frenzy of “this item is going to sell out quickly” as presented by influencers) I purchased pieces that spoke to me that I knew I would actually where. My gut instinct was confirmed when many of the pieces influencers presented never made a reappearance and were later sold on their posh mark account. Secondly, I also stopped following several influencers who I had followed for years from when they had 10-25k followers. Their feeds left me feeling less than… why can’t I afford 3 new Gucci bags a year and look like they do in clothes. Why isn’t my house a palace of white and bright… because I have a nearly 3 year old, pay a small mortgage for childcare and because I like color! These moments have, as another reader mentioned, shifted my purchasing. I put something in my cart and leave it there for several days to see if I can’t stop envisioning wearing it instead of thinking about how cute it looked on an influencer. I hope I can carry this forward for the next anniversary sale and stay true to what feels good for me.

    1. Oh my gosh YESSSS!!! Totally totally agree. I’m going to focus on this when I think about that to share with you guys this year!

    2. Well said!!! I haven’t gathered my own thoughts yet, but I was just thinking about the Anniversary sale this morning. Last year I was legitimately feeling stressed/panicked about the sale and obsessively stalked a couple items that I didn’t even end up keeping!! I just saw them on bloggers and the items came only to not work for me (fit, style, etc). This time around, I’m sticking with my list method where I primarily or only buy from the running list I have of items I need to replace or keeping wishing I had.

    3. Ugh I was just thinking about the nordstroms sale. Funny thing–does anyone else notice how influencers share what they are buying but then you rarely/never see them in those out outfits or with the accessories even when they post daily? Makes me think the influencers don’t even care for these selected pieces, they are just selecting what they think readers want. I often wonder if they even buy these pieces at all?? Wish there was more authenticity.

    4. On the house piece, just remember so many photos are filtered/brightened with photo editing tools! That perfect white room usually doesn’t look like that in real life, ESPECIALLY if said influencer is a mom. Kids spare no one the mess ; )

  5. I just went through and unfollowed for the same reason. I also struggle because I want to be eco-friendly, but those styles are typically not flattering on me and do not look professional. In regards to the biker short trend -I thought those were made to wear under dresses so your toddler doesn’t flash everyone in the room for you…Love the sneakers and sun dress look!

    1. I never comment on posts but this made me laugh! Yes, biker shorts are perfect for toddlers. I 100% support this trend for toddler girls who love wearing dresses. I’m 34 and haven’t purchased a short made of stretchy material since I played volleyball in high school and don’t plan on changing that any time soon.

      Liz, thanks for talking having the guts to post this and open the conversation. I had to delete Instagram a few years back. At the time, I was a stay at home mom and deleting the app became necessary for my mental health. I could feel myself sinking into a depression for all the reasons you touched on and more (mainly the life comparisons). It was so hard but I feel so much better!

      I still check in on my favorite bloggers (Liz- I’ve been following you since you blogged under A Happy Haven and once saw you walking Webster down Diversey and felt like I had a celeb-sighting!) by visiting their websites and I also use the Like To Know It App. I feel like I’m in better control of how I’m influenced and don’t fall down the 2am Instagram rabbit hole anymore.

  6. A great post and so timely as I feel like I looked at my Instagram and was following too many influencers because Instagram suggested them to me and not because they were relatable. I follow you because I’m in Chicago and our life situations seem similar. I love following people who I can relate to and don’t make me feel like I’m missing out but rather feel like I’m just catching up with a friend who is offering up some advice!

  7. Yes! Same with the neutrals vs color! Thinking, of course this is who I am….but not! And I don’t have to have everything someone shares although sometimes I want to! This is great – thank you for sharing!

  8. I love that you wrote a blog post about this. You are one of the few bloggers I still follow because you have a wide affordable variety of content. I’ve also stopped following other influencers/bloggers because I cannot relate to them. The stick thin women with designer everything who always look perfect even if they have children! Not real life! Keep doing what you’re doing!! And FYI one of my favorite purchases from your blog were Make + Model sweat pants. That’s what every mom is really wearing all day!

  9. Yes!! Have been doing a budget awareness/mindfulness project for myself and realizing how much of what I consume all day on social is linked to consumerism/stoking my need for more more more. I mindlessly open up shopping sites and add $200 to a cart without even thinking about it… not cute. I want to have more clarity about what things really bring *me* joy and hit my specific true needs before just spending money because something is in front of me.

  10. I totally feel you! Sometimes I’m influenced to buy clothes because they look good on influencers, but then I try them on and it’s just UGH. I definitely don’t have the same body type as them and it’s just a waste of resources, money and time. But I love when I just focus on the simple things: exercise, friendships, family and less on the material. Do I really need a million items in my skin care routine? Probably not. But it is fun 🙂

  11. YES YES YES! It sometimes makes me feel like my clothes aren’t good enough and constantly wanting to buy buy buy. I have to take a step back and realize it’s just stuff! Short term happiness.

  12. Absolutely! I just realized that I was buying way too much new clothes while in fact, I have everything I need. By following so many fashion bloggers it seems normal to wear different clothes every day and ALWAYS buying new stuff. But in reality, we need to realize that we do not need to consume more, but less! So thanks for this post. You are very right with quality over quantity! 😊 I love these honest posts Liz!

  13. I totally get being over-influenced. Even more, though, I fall trap to the comparison game. It’s really easy for me to look at someone’s account and if they’re close to my age think – why is my life not like that? Posts like this are a great reminder to own our own style and journey!

  14. This post is so great, and so true. I’m not a mom (yet) but love how you’ve transitioned your blog. It’s real-you’re not trying to keep up with the Jones’. Keep being you!

  15. Yes to all of this Liz!!! I love this post so much! It’s so true. I love bright colors, florals and I have more of a trendy style that you don’t always see on IG. I also like to cook bake and include my kids and my personal life. Is it consistence and make for a cohesive feed. NOPE! Do I care? Yes, at first I did but now I don’t. I follow the people who make me laugh, I can relate to and inspire me. This is something I feel like everyone struggles with, but if you just stick to your true self you have nothing to worry about. Great post and again so relatable. Love it! -Kelly

  16. I agree with this so much! There is so much product being thrown the consumers way and it’s really overwhelming. As a follower you really have to filter a lot of it out because it’s just not realistic to keep up. It’s interesting that this was your blog post today because I just bought the new Tula product you talked about on your stories and I realized you are pretty much the only “influencer” that has truly influenced me to buy something!

    1. Haha I love that! I would only ever share the products that I truly feel are worth your while! That is DEFINITELY one of them!

  17. You are spot on! So tired of influencers selling anything and everything just for a paycheck! It’s at the point where you can’t trust anyone’s opinions anymore. It seems that if one person is promoting a product, everyone is! Now they are all jumping on the Qvc wagon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the deals but seems odd that some similar influencers are all doing the SAME thing. Makes me question how much the $$ they get paid is influencing them!😉or promoting just for the free product??

  18. I love following you because your easy style and your work out videos are motivating (mom of 2 over here too). It does get old when every single person is buying the Sherpa af pull over (I’m sure you know the one). Am I supposed to own one of these ? (I don’t) anyway I made a decision to use these influencers as a jumping off. Maybe find something I would of never found on my own but then also maybe search a store I have sort of forgotten about (maybe that the whole point. Lol). I try to stay true to what I would actually wear. I find it fascinating that people will ask where you bought every aspect of your life. Like they can’t find a good white shirt on their own, or sippy cups for their kids….

    None of this may make sense. Just got done running and doing yoga….

    Anyway, enjoy your stuff!

  19. YES to the comment on biker shorts. See also: tiny sunglasses and ugly sneakers.

    It also makes me feel miserable to see influencers I started following when they had much smaller audiences now consistently wearing (and seemingly never re-wearing) outfits that cost thousands of dollars, traveling to a new destination and staying at a hotel that costs $1500 a night, lavishly redecorating an entire home at one time…the list goes on. It’s so not relatable, and I have a hard time understanding the mass appeal!

    1. I wonder the same thing! What happens to all of these clothes every season? How do the people they are influencing afford to shop constantly. It’s crazy.

  20. This is a good, thoughtful topic. I’m always wondering when/if Instagram and the world of influencers will cycle out- don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy some content (yours for sure), but I struggle with the impact of getting more, owning more, being more…it’s not something I actually am looking for! Rather, I appreciate finding women who have an interesting story, great personality and relatable style. A great reminder especially to all of us who aren’t influencers, but are interested in valuable content.

  21. I really love and appreciate this post. I myself have done a re-evaluation of who I follow on social media. I have fallen into the comparison game and it makes me feel less than. It’s already hard enough on its own to accept oneself for who they are and I feel like social media compounds that. Thank you for your honesty and self awareness. You truly seem like a great down to earth person and that is why I enjoy following along with you.

  22. This is such a thoughtful post. Thank you! And I agree, it is easy to become too influenced! And lately I feel like a lot of influencers are just selling. One of my favorite influencers has a sales pitch on every story. Again a lot of the times I am hook line and sinker and clicking and buying. I love a lot of the adorable things they are selling and often purchase. But I also love to hear about a good beauty hack, a good Tuesday night dinner and funny, real life stories!

  23. I’ve never commented on a post but I couldn’t resist after reading this post to say that you are by far my favorite “influencer” (not just because you answered my question in coffee chats – big thank you by the way) because your content is genuine, relatable, fun and not overbearing. High five on that biker shorts bullet point. I was LOL! Who calls that fashion?!

  24. I really really love this Liz! I love the honesty and I love this topic. I think it is so easy to become over influenced/too influenced and loose you. Last year, I found myself doing that as well. I was actually on the opposite end – too girly, too pink, too dressy. Luckily, I had a week where I could take off and spent the time truly reflecting on what my personal style was/is and what I wanted to share with my readers/followers. It helped so much! And if I’m being honest, I did notice your style really change it being so monochromatic – I really missed your more fun, playful, feminine side and am so glad it is back! I have LOVED every thing you have been wearing and putting out lately. You are truly killing it and I feel you are SO you now!

    xo Laura Leigh

  25. Agree, some of these fashion bloggers are way over the top. You are so much more relatable. Also, I feel this way about other artists/illustrators I follow. I had to unfollow people that made me feel like I wasn’t achieving enough.

  26. There is a huge trend right now with influencers promoting super cheap clothing from Amazon, Target and Loft. While I have found some gems at Loft, everything from Amazon has been so cheap and cut terribly, and Target is hit or miss. I have realized I would rather spend more on investment pieces and have a few quality pieces instead of a bunch of cheap clothes that aren’t great but were “a great price.”

  27. I love this and couldn’t agree more! I stopped following a lot of people and feel a big improvement. I feel like a lot of bloggers are pushing the same stuff and I don’t want to dress like everyone else. I also don’t want to buy something and hate it a month later.
    One of my favorite podcasters talks about how we need to stop “shoulding” all over ourselves so I’m making a conscious effort to not buy things just because an influencer thinks I should.

  28. Thank you for sharing! I find it interesting that you felt most influenced (in a negative way) by people in your industry. I’m in the fitness industry, more specifically dance, and I feel most negatively influenced by others in the fitness/health/wellness industry. Hello celery juice craze, that does not fit in my schedule. But I will take fashion advice from you any day 🙂

  29. I’ve been doing a lot of unfollowing lately, not to be mean but because it feels like so much content is just the same. But I have always loved what you’ve shared because I feel like you value quality over quantity (and your style is still my favorite throughout the years)!

  30. Well said and good points! Thanks for being so real & honest. It’s funny – I don’t really follow you for the fashion bc we have totally different body types & I wear a suit to work (blah!) – what looks adorable on you would just not work for me! And that’s ok. I just really appreciate your take on life, family, and kids 😀

  31. Your timing is spot on for me. I started to realize I was losing my individual style chasing after what someone else told me to like. It’s not as much fun if everyone looks the same.

  32. Thanks for this post! I’ve thought about it a lot lately too and have unfollowed a bunch of people that made me feel “less than.” Or make me feel like I don’t have enough money, the right clothes, or that I don’t travel enough.

    To be completely honest (and I say this with the most respect that I can) I’ve unfollowed you before…but then re-followed back because I like you! Mainly because I get in periods where I’m SO sick of all the swipe-ups and “you have to buy x, y, and z.” (75% of my IG story feed seems to be links for things.) Do influencers have storage units where they keep everything they buy? Sometimes it sees never ending. Lol.

    What has saved my sanity is “muting” stories from certain people. That way I still see their main posts, but skip the swipe-ups and fashion try-ons. I recommend it!

    I appreciate the fact that this is top of mind for you and that you dedicated a post to it. That’s why I still follow you – you are authentic and always keep it real! And are relatable. Still following 🙂

  33. You are my fave blogger for this very reason! You are so real! I recently unfollowed a bunch of bloggers because I was feeling awful about myself, my wardrobe, my makeup, my kids wardrobe, my lack of world travel, my career ALL of It! I feel like we all are so pressured to purchase everything influencers post or we just aren’t “cool” or “on trend” and as a Mom of an almost teenager I am so scared for how much this Instagram stuff influences young minds if it’s having this negative effect on me-an adult! I’m so glad you share what you love and not just what’s trendy. I hope you continue to be an influencer of all things and continue your blog, because I enjoy your posts! I must admit though that I wouldn’t be too sad if the Instagram fad goes away forever I think everyone would be much happier, spend less time on our devices, be more present and most importantly stop comparing ourselves to everyone else! Sorry for the long comment. PS. Floral prints and color make me happy too! Keep it up girl!

  34. Love everything about this. Limiting my social media and getting off Facebook is one of the most freeing things I’ve done especially since becoming a parent. I keep it to just Instagram and only follow what keeps me happy. I find this so relatable and love that you’re talking about it!!

  35. Great post! I like to think what inspires me? Also, will I wear it next season? Thanks for always being honest and true. Also, there is always poshmark for when the purge “all the things they are loving”

  36. I am young (22) and have been overloaded with social media almost my entire life. I have to admit that I do love the look of clean and good quality photos and strive to get the perfect picture that will get a bunch of likes, however I feel as though I try to stay true to myself. When I look at influencers, I will only hit the follow button if something attracts me to the profile or if there is something that sparks joy from it. I follow people I genuinely want to learn from or laugh at their life with. It’s hard but I think it’s a personal preference about influencers and how much you want them to affect your life.

  37. Love this. Yes! “You be you!” Like you said, just because it’s in style (like the biker shorts or the ridiculously LARGE pearl barrettes 🥴) doesn’t mean you have to wear them! Wear what makes YOU feel like YOU and those things that make YOU feel good! Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Be confident and hold your head up high! Sometimes I do feel like all the fashion feeds are identical. Why do we want to look like everyone else? I’m so glad you posted this. Thanks for sharing!

  38. I have definitely had this realization! I slowed down on tapping the links and swiping up and purchasing what I don’t NEED! I had so many impulse buys I don’t use, but at least I realized it and corrected it! Another reason why I love YOUR platforms is your Facebook group where we can talk to your fans as a sounding board for real recommendations and advice! It’s all REAL.

  39. I absolutely feel this way. I have also realized that I just can’t relate to some of the ‘influencers’ that I had been following. I found myself feeling anxious watching 20somethings and their IG accounts! I’ve found that I enjoy content from ladies who I can relate to! Not always mom, but just intelligent women who can keep it real!

  40. Yes! I get so tired of people sharing the same things. I can tell when there is a campaign going on because everyone starts pushing this one particular product. I am SUPER picky about the influencers I follow because I don’t want to be consumed by it all. You’re one of my OG’s!

  41. I love this post! I’ve had to stop following some people because I was spending too much money 🙈 It’s hard not to be influenced when there is a try on session every single day. And I love that you brought up anxiety vs. enjoyment. We are all trying to live a happy and meaningful life and it’s too short to waste time feeling “less than.” This is why I love your messy home tours, sweaty post gym talks and real AF cooking with Liz. Because I can relate to that! Definitely cannot relate to dreamy Nantucket white flowing provincial dress on a sailboat posts 😄

  42. Bravo! Unfortunately, I feel this will eventually be the undoing of “bloggers/influencers”. I commented on your insta-stories about the specific accounts I stopped following because they simply aren’t realistic, but I wanted to add here, that your blog is the reason I started following blogs. Any changes have been for the better. Your transitions have been organic and authentic. Keep to this course and you will always have a job! Well done Liz!

  43. This post is so relatable! Last year I unfollowed all influencers, bloggers, etc. because I felt like they were negatively impacting my mental health (and wallet). After a few months, I chose a select few to follow for everyday inspiration – You!, Kelly Larkin, Jess Keys, and Sarah Vickers. You all have unique styles and your content is fun! Now I can take a step back and realize that I have a skin care routine that works great for me, a few pairs of jeans that flatter my figure, and a couple dresses that make me feel like a million bucks. I don’t NEED anything, but once in a while one of you will post something that really “sparks joy” and I’ll treat myself. I still love reading all your content and I’m so happy that you have found your back to your own style. Color > neutrals always! Especially in a home 🙂

  44. I’m so glad you wrote about this! for the past year, I have been toning down my clothes (because I was listening to everyone else except myself) when all I really wanted was color, texture, pattern, and shine!!!!!

    I am the most influenced person so when I see it I want it! And with online shopping, it gets too easy to buy and then I wonder why I’m so broke haha. So thank you for sharing your thoughts! I completely related to it!!!

  45. You really are the best. I appreciate you being authentic and not taking yourself or this business too seriously. You are one of my favorites.

  46. I look for “influence rs” that have a similar style to mine and push the edge a bit. If it’s not my style, I won’t wear it.

  47. I can totally relate! The minimalist, only-neutral wardrobe has never resonated with me and I’ve never felt comfortable in it. I like feminine cuts, florals and color – just not the bold 90’s color and 90’s style (a la biker shorts) that is so in right now. You have to just trust your gut and be yourself even if it’s not the “trend” right now or what everyone is wearing. Eventually everything is in style, so it doesn’t really matter, and you’ll never be happy if you aren’t being true to yourself. Thanks for posting, I think this is the reality of how so many people feel!

    Erin xo

  48. So glad SOMEONE had finally said it! I definitely see this with the girls I follow, especially with TULA (maybe it’s really that good?) But that being said I also try to follow women with young children since they are in a similar life stage as me so I know there will be some crossover.
    My other struggle is having the personality type where I don’t know if I know what my personal style is (Type 3s where you at?!) … I’ve always been concerned with appearing successful and stylish so maybe being ‘too influenced’ isn’t really a problem for me. I also can’t afford a ton beyond outlet stores, Old Navy, and the occasional pair of Madewell jeans so having some inspiration is definitely welcome.
    I’m just glad you are aware that it can be an issue and are mindful of it, Liz! You are so sweet and I’m always inspired by you and your sweet family to stay positive.

  49. I actually don’t buy from any influencer. I find my own clothes and home decor. What I find and feel is wrong about a few influencers is the obvious greed and aggressiveness that is there at times. I understand it’s a business but it just does not sit right with me. I’m sorry but I’m just being honest. I love following Liz. I find her very authentic. But I only now follow very few. Influencers are now writing books, opening retail, pushing hard to sell constantly and it’s turned me off. They just do not seem to be able be satisfied. Kind of sad

  50. Love this post ! I so can totally relate and I’m just a newbie at this !

    Love your blog [and IG]

    If you ever have time would love for you to check out my blog space at
    [ I am definitely not one for spamming but I value your input and would love your feedback!]

    -ashley ♡

  51. I often feel too influenced especially when several influencers/bloggers are repping the same product on the same day/week (most recently Tula! It’s everywhere!). To me, it makes me feel like the influencer is less authentic, that she isn’t really sharing what she loves, just what she gets paid to promote. The same thing with MLMs. I find it much less authentic because the influencer gets more $ anytime someone signs up. I get that blogging/IG is a full-time job, but maybe I’m just naive in wanting to believe my influencer followers are just like my girlfriends and are genuinely recommending a product to me.

    Not to say I haven’t purchased items influencers have promoted – like the red/orange Free People dress you wore a few weeks ago. Love your blog and your adorable fam!

  52. Great post! Love how genuine you are. I follow under 8 bloggers I believe and have followed for years now but I have to say you seem the most real. I have noticed lately how some of them are just getting either desperate or something bc posts for Walmart clothes and amazon buys with video after video and posts are obnoxious. I know that they don’t really shop or wear these clothes when other days they post $400 dollar dresses. Let’s be honest, what stay at home mom can or wants to spend that kind of money on herself. When I was single and not married I definitely felt the pressure to keep up and wear everything I saw but now my priorities as a mom have shifted so much. I’m in workout clothes like 70% of the time. I feel like less is more and quality over quantity for sure. I like to look in my closet now and not feel like I have too much to even see what I really love. Anyways, thank you! I do like the neutral white, blue home decor but I’m a southerner and that’s just my style for home decor.

  53. So I’m planning a wedding right now. Happy time, totally. Instagram is such an awesome tool so I can learn about different vendors, fun ideas for decor, party tricks, photo ops. But it also has given me this insane anxiety that my wedding has to be this picture perfect, tied up in a neat little package, wedding. Instagram is overinfluencing my planning for something that should be all about us. So I’ve definitely muted accounts and unfollowed people to settle my head and nerves. So thanks, as usual, for saying the good stuff out loud! Or on here, whatever!

  54. Liz,
    I have been following your blog since last year and truly have enjoyed every minute of it. You’re very relatable and down to earth and I love your kids and you make me laugh because you’re not afraid to put yourself out there. This post makes me love you even more! You go girl! Just be yourself and be happy and take care of your people, am I right? Kudos, girl!!!

  55. Well done and BRAVO.
    Your words are too true….keep up being real and proud to be real.
    Im tired of the IG pretence that everyone has to look like this or that for the sake of a sale!
    Im also bored of the LOOK AT MY FANTASTIC HOLIDAY path that influencers r taking now. I prefer to see u at gym/ shopping/ hanging out with other NORMAL and not perfect Stepford families.

  56. You have definitely influenced me! But in a good way 🙂 Some of my favorite products I have learned about from you, I’ve gotten clothes and shoes and bags you’ve recommended. I think it works because my style is already very similar to yours, so I’m still being true to myself. You’ve also influenced me to start working out this summer! We’ll see how effective it is!