Ask Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Dave: Father’s Day Edition!

Today Dave is taking over Coffee with Liz and answering a few questions you submitted in honor of Father’s Day! I have not altered or changed any of his responses – enjoy (haha)!

What do you do for work?

I stared a company with my lifelong buddy, SafeCharge. We manufacture and distribute secure cell phone charging stations/locker system to bars, restaurants, sporting venues, etc. allowing guests to charge their phones safely and securely while they enjoy their day/night. I am also VP of Photography for Hello Adams Family, assistant accountant and on-call daddy duty. 

How has fatherhood changed you? What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned since having kids?

There’s no way fatherhood doesn’t change you, but in the best way possible! It takes a little time from the newborn stage to really fall in love with your little ones, but when it hits your life will never be the same. Mom’s have the instant connection for obvious reason, but as they start to smile and develop their own personality there is nothing better in the world. As they enter the toddler phase (which I hope ends soon) it takes soooo much patience. It’s so important to stay calm and not get too frustrated. It’s going to happen, I’ve definitely snapped, but you learn from your mistakes and try to be the best parent and nurture respectful little humans. I’ve learned that your patience threshold can change. I definitely had a shorter fuse before kids, but after kids nothing bothers me as much as it use to. Life’s too short and nothing is more important than my family!! 

What is your favorite thing about Liz?

There are so many amazing things about my wife, but getting to go through parenthood together is probably my favorite. And we laugh together a lot. She yells at me a lot, but for the most part we are always laughing together. You guys probably don’t know this, but we have two amazing little boys that we made, which is crazy. I’ll save that conversation for another post titled The Birds and the Bees – all the “ups” and “downs” of a relationship – by Dave Adams.  In conclusion, Liz is the BEST mom in the whole world and I don’t tell her that enough!! 

Does being in the spotlight of social media ever become challenging? How do you cope?

Well I’ve always been the self proclaimed “IT” guy so I am the spotlight and I’ve always been in it. However, in the beginning of the blogosphere it use to bug me. We would be out to eat and I was like do we really need to take another picture of our damn food. Luckily that phased out for the most part. Now the blog is part of our life and livelihood. I love it. Brands have slowed down on sending me free stuff, so step it up all you brands reading this. There’s not a cooler business in the world that allows us to provide for our family and get to do so many fun things with our boys because of the flexibility. I do still play the Lotto in hopes of a early retirement. 

What are five things that instantly make you smile?

1. My kids 2. My Wife (Liz) 3.1st tee on a golf course 4. Webster 5. Standing in front of a mirror.  

Are you a handyman around the house?

Absolutely! I love fixing things and trying to do it myself. Just last week I swapped out the hardware in our bathroom sink and water sprays everywhere under the sink now. A plumber is coming next week…..

Do you have any advice for young people wanting to start their own companies?

Make sure you are passionate about your idea and always try to stay positive. There will always be good days and bad days, but by staying positive and keeping your eye on the prize/end goal – good things will happen! 

What are some of your favorite men’s fashion brands?

Paige and AG pants/jeans. They are expensive, but awesome/worth it. Johnnie O polos, Vinyard Vines has come out with some great golf shorts and shirts, Patagonia, Bonobos and if you want an awesome blazer that you’ll have forever go with Hickey Freeman. Liz always makes fun of me but 70% of my wardrobe is purchased from the likes of Costco, Target, Kohls, etc. I ruin most of my clothes within 2-4 times of wearing them. 

What was it like when you first met Webster?

Love at first sight! I had been casually looking for a dog for about a year and always grew up with labs and knew I wanted a chocolate lab. The Chicago Tribune had an ad for chocolate lab puppies and I told Liz I had to go see them. There was only one boy (Webster) and one girl left in the litter. It was love at first sight and I wrote the check and left with Webster that day. He was 8 weeks old and he’ll be 10 this September. He’s the best dog in the whole world and even a better big brother to the boys that ride him, fall on him etc. I LOVE him so damn much! Even after he wakes me up at 530 in the morning and takes up 60% of the bed and drives me crazy, but he’s the sweetest, most loving dog in the whole world. 

If you could have any profession besides your current one what would you choose?

Professional Golfer/Male Model 

Do you have a skincare or “beauty” regimen? 

I’m el natural. I really don’t do anything. Suave shampoo, dove soap bar and probably a face wash that was on sale at Walgreens. 

What is your handicap?

5.6 Let’s play golf! 

What’s your dream vacation destination?

Italy, but I want to go to the smaller, less touristy towns and just drink wine, eat pizza/pasta and relax!! 

Any gift ideas for a new dad on Father’s Day?

I think it would be cool to get a favorite bottle of bourbon, scotch, etc and have a small drink every year on fathers day or your kids birthday and then when your son turns 21 (or 18) ((or 16)) share his first drink with the old man. If you don’t think you can pull that off over +/-18 years, anything to make dad think of his or her kid(s). Just a picture frame for the office is all we need! New set of golf clubs would be nice too, but not necessary. 

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