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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Dave

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Dave Adams. I always laugh and say that Dave is the most cliché dad, husband, family man. He loves to do anything handy, appreciates the littlest things, is always wearing a vest, he owns a pair of embroidered shorts covered in grills and burgers – he is just Dave, the all-American guy. When Weber Grills reached out to me about partnering together around grilling season, I was so excited to tell Dave. Not only do we love to grill out but any guy who owns a pair of embroidered grilling shorts (I mean dear lord) deserves to be the star of this collaboration. Over the past month, Dave has received a few packages from Weber and I wish you could see his eyes light up when he walks in the door and sees his name on the package (especially when your wife works in a world of constant PR packages). He was made for this partnership and I’m so happy that today he gets to share his love for Weber Grills with you!

So you guys saw that we got the new Weber Genesis II…we’ve owned Weber grills since we lived in the city but this one comes with so many fun features! Every time we host our friends Dave goes into detail about the iGrill technology, the sear station and the side burner with the husbands and then proceeds to tell the wives everything they need to get as a Father’s Day gift. Weber has so many amazing accessories to pair with your grill so today we wanted to share some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas, perfect for any dude but specifically the ones who have matching shorts like Dave (I hope for your sake your husband does not own a pair of said shorts). Here are Dave’s top gift ideas from Weber, just in time for Father’s Day:

iGrill 3: By far Dave’s favorite feature of his grill! This technology is pretty amazing! Especially for those who love to host but don’t want to be tied to their grill the entire night. The iGrill 3 is an app connected thermometer that lets you monitor the doneness of your meat directly from your phone! It notifies you on your smart phone when your food has reached the perfect temperature so you don’t have to worry about anything! Truly a man’s best friend when it comes to grilling!

Premium Tool Set: Truly your two every day grilling essentials. No matter what your grilling situation is, this set is a no brainer for men who love to grill! The quality is unlike any other!

Stainless Steel Grill Maintenance Kit: I feel like this is a genius gift because no one ever feels like they have everything they need to clean their grill. This set is the answer! If your husband is like Dave and gets stressed out that after the first use their grill isn’t “new” anymore – they will be so excited to receive this kit! I’m pretty sure Dave was the most excited that he had everything he needed to keep his grill looking fresh!

Weber’s Ultimate Grilling Cookbook: I was the most excited about this gift! I’m not kidding when I tell you this is the most in-depth cookbook I’ve ever read. SO many photos, so many details – everything you need to become a master griller. Everything from meat, to fish, to pizza, to dessert – this cookbook will have you feeling like you can do it all and every recipe has a step by step guide to make you look like a pro. 

Ultimately, we have to say that a the Weber Genesis II is really the gift that keeps on giving. I can’t imagine a summer without our grill, we truly use it almost every single night! We can’t recommend it enough. 

All of these items are things that I think a guy wouldn’t necessarily buy himself but would totally appreciate! I have not only Dave’s sign of approval but so many friends who have already asked their wives for many of these products (especially the grill and iGrill 3!). Which item would your guy love for Father’s Day?!