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Coffee with Liz • May 17, 2019

My husband and I were married almost 7 years before having kids and traveled a lot. Now I stay at home with my 2yo and 3yo boys and my husband works a flexible job at home so we are lucky to have lots of time together. We also make sure to plan lots of dinner dates out after the kids are in bed. That being said, how important do you think it is to travel husband and wife sans kids?  My husband would love to plan a trip just him and I, but I’d rather take family trips and let them experience everything new and exciting on trips with us (plus it gives me awful anxiety thinking about leaving them).

I actually think about this a lot and I think both are equally as important. I also don’t think that a weekend away with your husband requires something elaborate. Think of how much more connected you feel after just a date night out? Even just a staycation at a hotel where you are completely checked out of parental responsibility is enough. Especially if leaving them makes you anxious, remind yourself that you don’t have to go too far. On the other hand, I do think family vacations are so important but I do think you have some time. Charlie is JUST at the age where I think he would remember a vacation (maybe) but Jack would still be clueless. Give yourself some time and remember there is no timeframe for booking these experiences, they will all happen and all of them are equally as important!

If you weren’t a fashion blogger, how many pairs of jeans would you own being a SAHM or WFHM? And what kinds? 

Ohhh GREAT question. I have quite a few pairs but in reality I wear like 5. Here are my favorites: AGOLDE Riley High Rise (more sizes here), Everlane High Rise Skinny (reviews don’t lie people – the BEST), Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny, Hudson Barbara Skinny Jeans (these are my most comfortable jeans but ok my distressed version is almost sold out but here is another color and here is the plain version), Everlane Cheeky Straight Jean (size down). 

Do you have a TV in your bedroom? I’m looking for a few ideas on how to incorporate our TV into the rest of our bedroom decor. We keep our TV in the center of the dresser, but I feel like I need to put something next to it so it doesn’t look so blah with just a TV. 

Yes! We have two dressers in our room and sadly it just sits on top of a dresser too. I’d love to mount it but we have an angled ceiling and it is kind of awkward.

How would you ideally spend a full day where you didn’t have work or mom responsibilities? 

Ohh good question. Probably coffee in bed, a workout class or run outside, shower and a blowout, take a nap, have someone go grocery shopping for me, meet my mom for lunch, cocktails and dinner outside with my girlfriends and then run and find my kids.

In your IG stories, you mentioned not having to wear a bra with a dress due to “pancake boobs.” After my second, my boobs are down to the smallest size I have ever been. I’m struggling with bras. What is your everyday go-to non-workout bra? 

I swear by Natori Feathers bras. I have 5 colors and they look good under everything. However, my biggest suggestion is to go get sized at Nordstrom. It will change the way your clothes look when you actually have a bra that fits/know your true size. 

I’m taking a two-week trip at the beginning of August with my boyfriend to Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, and Salzburg. I am notoriously an over-packer and am trying to prove to my family and friends that I’m capable of packing light for this trip! I was wondering what tips you have for packing light for a long trip like this—what staples should I have in my bag? What are good suitcases to bring? Any suggestions you have for pieces that are easy to switch around would be fantastic. 

My best tip for packing light is to keep to a color palette! I usually opt for naturals like ivory, grey and beige with pops of blue or an army green. That way everything can easily mix and match! I just picked up this jacket which could easily be thrown over everything from dresses to jeans. A few pretty options would be this dress, my favorite basic tee, this pretty top would look cute with jeans or a midi skirt, you’ll obviously need a cute pair of sneakers (favorites here and here), my new favorite shorts, a light cashmere sweater, stripe tee and pretty midi dress!

Do you have a favorite wallet or clutch you use? Between work, a diaper bag and occasionally just grabbing my phone/keys/wallet I am always looking for a good system that helps me to have what I need. I have been using a phone case with a cardholder, but am not a huge fan. 

When I turned 30 I asked my parents for a big girl wallet – ha. I have the Prada Saffiano Continental Wallet and I love it!!! I also love this Gucci wallet, too. So dreamy. Cuyana has a gorgeous option for less. 

What’s your go-to entertaining food? I also love that you’re a beer girl—what’s your favorite beer?

When we are hosting I usually make something that is easy to feed a crowd! Like burgers (my turkey burgers!) or tacos and a big salad! The first five recipes on this post are some of my FAVORITES – especially that shrimp, make that as an appetizer at your next party. Aunt Pam’s taco dip is a fan favorite appetizer, too.  

My favorite beer has changed so much since I had kids! Isn’t that weird? Before I had babies I used to love heavier beers like an IPA. Then those became too bitter. Now I’ll have one APA (American Pale Ale) like a Daisy Cutter and then I’ll move to a pilsner/lager. I usually like a little bit hopier or citrus-y light beer!

I’m getting married in less than a month (ah!) and I’m having a hard time thinking of the perfect gift for my future hubs for the morning of the wedding. I want it to be sentimental but also a little luxurious.

Hm, I think this is tough too. I got Dave a watch and engraved the back of it with our wedding date and a little quote. I also love the idea of a personalized garment bag or travel bag and a note that says you can’t wait for all of the adventures in your future!

I would love your thoughts on a great pair of classic skinny black work pants with a high rise! Everything is so low rise or wide leg! Just looking for a great basic!

Everlane Kick Crop Work Pant!!!!!

Love seeing how active you are and how it’s something you appreciate that your parents taught you. My husband and I are trying to get into better active routines now for ourselves, but also so we can continue when we have kids. How do you and Dave make it a priority to each be active and how are you active as a family? I’d love to hear how you are intentional about instilling the same values around being active with your kids and your parents did for you. Thanks! 

Love this! Dave and I definitely make it a priority personally and together. I workout with my trainer two mornings a week and I let Dave do his thing the other mornings. We both understand the importance of working out for each other’s own sanity so luckily we are both separately very supportive! During the week we usually workout separately but on the weekends we will take the boys to the gym together or go for a long walk together! 

I think because it is a priority we don’t feel guilty about taking the boys to the gym or throwing them in the stroller for a run outdoors. Now our kids love going to the gym and sometimes if one of us is still working out the other will grab the boys and bring them up to the gym area so they can see what we do! I would say that daily I’m not intentional about instilling the values because it has become such a habit to include them. When you become a parent or life gets in the way I think it is easy to make excuses for why you can’t get a workout in but Dave and I truly make it a part of our day. No excuses. It’s an item on our to-do list. I think that having that mindset will teach our kids the same – I hope it will be a part of their days, too!

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