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Coffee with Liz • March 8, 2019

I’m traveling to London and Amsterdam next month. First timer to Europe. What should I pack to look cute and be comfy? Thinking layers since the weather will be all over the place.

I would say your favorite pair of jeans, some good basic long sleeve tees, a cute anorak jacket and sneakers. Also a cashmere sweater, pretty midi skirt and ballet flats for dinner!

I’ve been on the hunt for a classic trench coat to add to my wardrobe. I live in Memphis and we are experiencing the rainiest rainy season! Ugh… Anyway, I’m not a fan of umbrellas (especially with two toddlers always in tow) so I want a trench coat that is fashionable and functional.  What would you recommend? 

I think this one from Boden is so chic! I love the black stripe down the arms and it is machine washable + waterproof! 

One of my coworkers is having her first baby and she’s invited me to her baby shower. I plan to get her something off her registry but I’d like to also bring something to her actual shower. They haven’t said the sex of the baby so ideally something gender neutral. Any ideas of something that she’s not thinking of? Maybe a baby book? Thanks in advance!

I always buy our friends these Loulou Lollipop teethers! Cute and fun. This is also one of our favorite books! Such a sweet message.

Do you have any advice for keeping your hair healthy when using heat tools? I have to blow dry and style my hair pretty much every day for work and I can feel it taking a toll on the quality of my hair. Any products or tricks you recommend?

I really like the Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner. I recently started using this once a week in the winter and I swear it helps (more if needed). I also use a drop of Moroccan Oil on my ends and if you can become best friends with a good dry shampoo (the reviews DON’T LIE – this stuff is the best).

We have an 11-month-old and we are scared of taking him on a trip with us. I recently saw you were in Naples for vacation with your two little ones. Would you be able to share some logistics with the trip such as tips on what to bring and suggestions on childcare at the destination?

I have been getting a lot of comments from moms/parents saying they are scared to travel with their kids and I totally get it. But what are you scared of? Yes sure, you can’t go into it thinking your kid is going to have the best day ever and it will be a breeze – it won’t be. BUT, kids are troopers and they will pick their schedule back up the next day! When we went to Naples we stayed with family so for the most part we had everything we needed – pack n’ play, high chair, etc. We did bring our double stroller and car seats. However, you could easily find a place to rent these types of things or ask a car service to provide car seats for transportation (they usually will!). Childcare is hard. We don’t travel with intentions of having a babysitter ever, unless one day we bring our own. BUT we did have a family friend who was there and offered to watch our kids. My biggest advice would be to do your research and remember that the memories you make are far worth a rough travel day!

I have a bachelorette party at the end of April at a vineyard. I found a really pretty blush jumpsuit. What shoes and jacket should I wear? It’s an afternoon/evening thing!

Without seeing the actual jumpsuit, I would wear a simple shoe and a pretty drapey jacket

Ok, so I’m post-partum mostly back to my pre-pregnancy size, but have some extra skin hanging around my belly button. Would love recommendations for cute high-waisted bikinis. Or tankinis? Something that is still young and fun, but won’t show the wrinkles around my belly. Thanks!

Ok I just bought this $16 Amazon bikini and it is sooo good. The quality is really impressive and this high waist sucks you in! I bought the medium in green (will be sharing on IG tomorrow). This and this are cute, too!

I need advice on honeymoon destinations! Can you recommend resorts you or friends have stayed at for a honeymoon? Did you stay somewhere all-inclusive? What about other vacations you have taken as a couple? I am not particular about destinations, just looking for somewhere tropical.

Dave and I stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico and it was great! However, we’ve traveled to some pretty awesome places since then. We loooove Turks & Caicos, Grace Bay is so so beautiful. Sugar Beach in St. Lucia is pretty dreamy for a honeymoon (and they have all-inclusive options). 

I’m expecting my 2nd at the end of March. We have our newborn photos booked within 2 weeks of baby’s arrival, and I’m struggling with outfit inspiration for myself. Any recommendations for classic but cute, and my postpartum body?

Awh so special!! Here are some photos from when we had Charlie (omgggg). I would probably wear something similar! Jeans, a cute sweater and loafers. Classic and effortless. 

One of my best friends is having her bachelorette party in Scottsdale, AZ in May. She wants us to get matching swimsuits that are bride/tribe theme. She also wants us to get matching rompers or dresses that are blush or maroon (her wedding colors). There are 8 of us girls going, so we’d like to keep the budget somewhat low. Maybe under $50 if possible. Have you seen any cute bachelorette party suits? Also, if know of any cute/cheap blush or maroon dresses or rompers, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Just a quick search on Etsy shows a bunch of fun bachelorette party swim ideas! I also found this romper that comes in a ton of colors! Have fun!

Do you have a camera bag you use when you shoot? I’m currently using a standard Canon one, but I’m looking for one that’s less bulky and a bit more stylish. Any suggestions?

We use this padded backpack from Lo & Sons for all of our camera stuff. 

I’m looking for a dress to wear to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding in Charleston, SC this spring. Rehearsal dinner is somewhat casual—restaurant on King Street. Hoping to spend less than $100 and to be able to wear it again for evenings out this summer. I’d appreciate any suggestions!

So fun! My favorite city. I love this, this, this and this

What sports bras do you like to wear that really keep the girls secure (i.e. maximum support)?

This is hard because I have tiny boobs. The Lululemon Energy Bra is my favorite, I think they are super supportive!

I have a 14-month-old with only two bottom teeth and four uppers finally coming in, not soon enough to say the least since it is limiting what she can eat. She has become quite the picky eater rejecting purées and won’t try a lot of soft finger foods…currently, we are restricted to puffs, cheese. Pb&j, eggs, and pancakes. Any tips for getting her to try more foods? Any ideas? Mealtime has become quite difficult.

You’d be surprised at how strong her gums are! I think you could definitely try more. Jack has the same amount of teeth and loves frozen peas, avocado, hot dogs, grapes, strawberries, Dr. Pragers spinach cakes, mac & cheese. Trust me, she could probably handle way more than you think! Just keep everything small.

I’ve been living in the city of Chicago for 15 years now and I am contemplating a move to the suburbs with my family. But I know so little about the ‘burbs. I’m wondering what suburbs you considered when you moved and if you have any recommendations. I’m interested in having proximity to the city, some decent restaurants and shops, and good schools! 

So personally we chose the West suburbs because that’s where I’m from and that’s what I knew. We now live in the suburb I grew up in so I knew the school systems would be great and it is a quick 20 minute (express) train ride to the city. The restaurant scene is definitely not the city but we do have some good options! I think it depends what you’re looking for. The North Shore is BEAUTIFUL with the lake and GREAT school systems as well. I will say (NOTHING AGAINST NORTH SHORE) that I’ve heard if you’re a transplant to Chicago – ie: not from here originally – the North Shore isn’t as welcoming. Regardless, it’s still a beautiful place to live (probably prettier than West suburbs!). I think you’d have to do your research!

I’m trying to eat low carb and sugar these days and noticed you are too. Have you found any good books or resources to use to help you along with info and recipes (other than a paid program)? 

Beth from Seersuckers + Saddles just dropped a cookbook called That Bowl Life – soo many amazing recipes!! Highly recommend. 

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