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Coffee with Liz • February 21, 2019

I am a SAHM and come May, we will have two babies 15 months apart in age! (Mama is going to need a break to get errands/housework done!) I have been looking into ‘parents’ day out programs’ and was wondering at what age did you start sending your kids to childcare? How many days a week do they go, and how many hours are they there? I’m scared to death to not have my kids under my roof, but know it will be the best thing for them (and me)!

Charlie started daycare when we moved to the suburbs around 1.5 years – he was 2 days a week until Jack was born (so about 8 months) and then we added one day. I started Jack at 9 months going 2 days a week. Now both boys go 3 days a week, although we have a full week booked for Charlie but I usually always keep him home at least one day, sometimes 2 a week. We had a babysitter when we lived in the city 2x a week and I FOUGHT HARD about sending the boys to daycare although Dave always insisted they needed to be out of the house. Ultimately, having them out of the house allows me to get so much more done. We LOVE our daycare and it’s really the main reason I felt comfortable putting Jack in at 9 months. They go to daycare from 8:30 to 4:30/5. As someone who works from home, having them home I was constantly focused on what they were doing with the sitter. It’s totally personal preference!

I’m looking for nursery furniture for our first baby! It’s a small room so I don’t want a huge rocker or dresser. Any suggestions for ones that won’t completely break the bank? We aren’t finding out the gender and are going with natural earth tones/woodland animal theme.

My post about Jack’s nursery has some great suggestions that could work for any gender! This post about Charlie’s neutral nursery in our city apartment is a great one, too. I especially love this polka dot bed sheet, this cloud wallpaper, this clock, this sheep blanket, this rug, and this mirror. A few of my favorite places to find moderately priced furniture for a nursery is All Modern and Wayfair!

I’m also a mom of 2 boys and I love your style. I’m coming back from maternity leave and I’m desperately in need of a few key pieces for work. Can you please recommend some items—probably dresses and blouses—that I can wear when I’m back in the office? My work environment is business casual, but I need to look put together and stylish.

For dresses I love this, this, this and this! For tops I love this, this (just ordered for myself!), this and this!

I LOVE the Marysia scalloped one-shoulder suit that you wore in Mexico, but there’s just no way I can spend that much on a suit. I’m sure nothing will quite match the quality and fit of that one, but can you suggest any similar ones at lower price points? Thanks!

Amazon actually has some amazing dupes here, here and here.

I am going to a wedding in May in San Diego and I will be 8 months pregnant with my second baby and huge! I am already worried about what to wear. Also, my arms always seem to be a “problem” area when I am pregnant. Do you have any suggestions for dresses that I could wear?

This (my favorite!), this or this would be gorgeous! 

I am trying to brainstorm practical, thoughtful gifts for my bridesmaids. I will be getting married over the summer and will be buying them earrings and pajamas but wanted something else to go with it, ideally around $50. 

What about a pretty catchall tray for their earrings or a little monogrammed pouch?

I’m celebrating a birthday in Portland, Maine at the end of February and plan to wear this dress. What style shoe should I wear with this type of long dress in winter?  And, since I haven’t tried the dress on, yet, I think I need a couple heel height options, depending on how long it is on me.

Hm – since it’s a little dressy for the winter I would probably wear it with heels like this (or these) and a leather jacket! If you want a lower heel then this is a great option.

What is your approach to browsing Shopbop’s website? I love the stuff you find but whenever I peruse myself I get overwhelmed by all the merchandise. (That’s why I love when you do your picks because I never am able to find them on my own!) 

Haha it can be a dark hole! I’m kind of obsessed. I first search new arrivals and then I search my favorite designers starting with the ones that have pieces under $100 – BB Dakota, Endless Rose, English Factory, J.O.A, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Madewell. And then my favorite brands like Rebecca Taylor, Joie, Sea NY, Vince, Ulla Johnson, Ganni. Then I’ll search by specifics like white blouse, cashmere sweater, skinny jeans or loafers!

My second son turns one next month. Any gift ideas for us and others to give him? He already has all of his big brother’s toys and clothes. I know you just celebrated Jack’s first birthday!

We bought Jack a smaller version of Charlie’s favorite chair

What are your favorite parts of having kiddos so close together? My husband and I have a 15-month-old daughter and are expecting twins in May, so we’ll have three under two (scary, I know). I’m terrified, but love hearing stories from people who have kids close in age—makes me feel a teeny tiny bit calmer haha!

Oh my gosh it is the best! Yes it is hard but it is also a dream as long as you let it be. It’s pure chaos in the best way possible and it’s the greatest phase of life ever. I think you just have to let yourself enjoy every moment because you know how fast it goes. It’s not pretty and it’s exhausting but it’s so wonderful, too.

I am turning 30 at the end of the month and my family is throwing me a party in Chicago to celebrate! I have been looking high and low for a cute outfit and am really struggling! I’d love to find a cute dress or a fun top (I love the sequin Ganni shirt you wore at your Christmas party). Any suggestions?

Oh so fun! What about this Ganni leopard dress with OTK boots?? Look for less here. There are a few sizes left in this top! I also love this top paired with my favorite leopard headband and jeans. 

My husband and I are following the traditional anniversary gifts by year, and next up is leather. I love thinking up something that feels unique and different but struggling with this one. It doesn’t help that I bought him a beautiful leather watch case for Xmas either. Any ideas?

What about a leather travel pouch or nice briefcase or a leather laptop case?

I would love some suggestions for a straw clutches. I have a few trips to the tropics coming up and need a fun clutch! Would like it to keep it under $100. 

I love this, this, thisthis, this and this!

What are your 5 favorite jeans?

Right now my favorites are: Rag & Bone High Rise Skinny, AGOLDE High Rise Straight Crop Jeans, Everlane Authentic Stretch High Rise Skinny, Hudson Barbara High Rise Skinny (my most comfortable) and Abercrombie Mom Jeans

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