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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Guy for Christmas
Shop this gift guide: No. 1 Patagonia Pullover // No. 2 Leather Watch Roll // No. 3 Flannel Shirt // No. 4 Record Player // No. 5 Air Pods // No. 6 Messenger Bag // No. 7 Yeti Cooler // No. 8 Cocktail Cherries // No. 9 Leather Sneakers 

Another highly requested gift guide topic we heard this year was gifts for guys — husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers—what is it that makes them all so hard to shop for? My strategy always is quality over quantity when it comes to gifts for men. Their wardrobes tend to be a bit more strategic and streamlined, so you can feel good about investing in gifts that you know they will use again and again. Here are a few items I’d recommend for all the guys in your life! 

I had the pleasure of touring Parker Clay while I was in Santa Barbara and was so inspired by their story. The bags they make are BEAUTIFUL and they only get better with wear. Dave picked this messenger bag as a great gift for stylish husbands on the go. A lighter version of a briefcase (which I personally think can be kind of clunky). 

I always suggest Patagonia gifts because they are some of our most loved pieces in our wardrobes! I just made fun of my brother in law because he has literally worn this fuzzy pullover the last 10x I’ve seen him. Haha I’m going to have him share it on my IG stories but it is so so cozy. Dave is getting one for Christmas (he is a walking ad for Patagonia). 

Dave always said he couldn’t pull off the white sneaker look and then he got these and then recently bought these New Balances! I asked him which pair he would suggest and he loves this New Balance pair because the sole breaks up all of the white color. 

Our record player is a great price and plays in our house every single day. You just need a bluetooth speaker to use!

Last year I bought every guy in my life these Everlane flannel shirts and they still wear them all the time. The quality and price can’t be beat!

Dave loves a good Manhattan or Old Fashioned (I still don’t understand the difference) but he orders these cherries on the regular and they are like candy. Perfect stocking stuffer if your man loves a yummy cocktail!

Ok I totally thought AirPods were a little douchey but then Dave got me some for my birthday and I’m OBSESSED. Once you have them you can’t imagine wearing any other headphones. Trust me!

If you’re looking for a more personal gift, I love this Best Dad Ever photo print

Guys are always the hardest to shop for but I promise all of these gifts would be a total hit!