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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Kids

Gift Guide: For Kiddos
Shop this gift guide: No. 1 Mix & Bake Set // No. 2 Play Kitchen // No. 3 Doctor On Call Set // No. 4 Wild Ones Hat and Mitten Set // No. 5 Beginner Drum Kit // No. 6 Giant Busy Box // No. 7 Expressions Finger Puppets // No. 8 Llama Footie Pajamas // No. 9 Crate&kids Personalized Chair

I can’t help but feel happy when I think about the best gifts for kids. Now that I have my own it is so special to experience the magic of the holidays through their eyes. When I think about buying gifts for our boys, I want the things we give them to bring us together. Whether that means “cooking” us a meal, yelling “mom, watch me!” as he plays the drums or crafting together. All of these items are things that we either personally own or are on our list for either Charlie or Jack. Here is why these gifts are our favorite for little ones:

I get SO many questions about our Hape kitchen! It is the perfect size for our small spaces. Our exact kitchen is an older style but this is the updated version (and same size). I’m also loving this cute extended version with the transparent oven and pot holder hooks! Every morning Charlie makes us a cup of coffee on his little coffee maker and some eggs. 

Charlie LOVES to play doctor. At least 5x a day I’ll hear “mommy, lay downnnn!” Time for my examination – haha. He loves to pack up all of his utensils in their case and say “bye mom, I’m going to work.” It’s the cutest. 

I have a love/hate relationship with buying my kids musical instruments but it is one of the best ways to see them feel confident. This is the cutest drum set I’ve ever seen!

Dave and I were just talking about how much fun crafts used to be when we were kids and how it’s sad that our tablets and phones have taken away so much physical creativity. I want to make sure my kids still experience those things that were so important to my childhood! I can’t wait to give Charlie this Giant Busy Box for Christmas!

We have this Nod Chair in Charlie’s room (which you guys always ask about!). I already ordered one for Jack’s birthday which is just after Thanksgiving! They are going to look so cute sitting side by side. I can’t wait!

Llama Christmas pajamas!! Perfect to give on Christmas Eve for photos on Christmas morning. Our kiddos can be matching! Infant sizes here and toddler sizes here.

Jack is obsessed with finger puppets and Charlie always steals them and creates his own productions. I bought these finger versions just for Jack! 

Clearly there is a theme here and Charlie runs the show in our house. I’m personally so excited about this list and I hope it brings some joy into your home, too!