Recipes over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Cooking Made Easy with Home Chef

We love to cook together in our house. When I was growing up I loved looking through cookbooks with my mom, having my grandmother teach me her secret recipe for cinnamon rolls and spending time in the kitchen. When Dave and I were first dating, one of our favorite activities was going to the grocery store, grabbing a glass of wine and strolling the aisles until we found enough ingredients to make dinner at home. The kitchen is my happy place and cooking is a tradition I plan to carry on with my kids.

Sadly, my days aren’t as free as they once were and easy dinners tend to take priority over being inspired by new recipes. We usually get in a rut with the same 5 meals every week and every week I say “I’m going to come up with something new!” It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. Enter Home Chef. We have used their subscription service a few times over the past couple of years (especially after baby!) and it is a must. The fact that I get the groceries, a new recipe and still get to cook (I love cooking my food!) is everything I need/want in my dining adventures. Home Chef just dropped a huge game changer and their meal kits are now available at Mariano’s! The same delicious recipes, fresh ingredients and 2 perfect portions all available to pick up while you’re grocery shopping. Honestly, what more could you want?

Four new meals are released every week – you can expect meals like Pork Banh Mi Bowls (that is what we made!), One Sheet Pretzel Crusted Chicken, Provolone Stuffed Turkey Mini Meatloaf and Empanada Rice Bowls. The best way to get out of your recipe rut and still find time to cook with your family! This is going to be a huge gamechanger in our weekly dinner game. Thank you Home Chef for making this lazy mama who wants to make it seem like she has her stuff together look good! Click here to find a participating Mariano’s near you!

In collaboration with Home Chef.