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20 Random Amazon Finds Under $20

Best Amazon Finds Under $20
Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush // Heart Sunglasses // Vitamin C Serum // Stainless Steel Reusable Straws // Aztec Healing Clay Mask // Massage Roller Balls // Gardenia Candle // Silicone Food Plates // Hedgehog Dryer Balls // Loose Face Powder // Almond Oil // Dry Brush // Fine Tip Color Pens Set // Jade Roller // Wine Bath Caddy // Mosquito Repellant Bracelets // Exercise Bands // Reusable Coffee Cup // Natural All-Purpose Cleaner // Baby Wipes 

Amazon is by far our family’s favorite place to shop. We have scheduled diaper/wipe deliveries every month, count on them for bigger orders like paper towel, cleaning supplies, etc. and I’ve done my fair share of Amazon stalking. It’s crazy how their site can suck you into a downward spiral of searches leading you to the most random products that you convince yourself you NEED. Today I’m sharing 20 items that we use and love in our house!

These exercise bands are one of my all-time top favorite Amazon purchases—I use them for everything from booty work to arms and shoulders. They’re perfect for working out at home or throwing in your suitcase for travel! 

Have you tried dry-brushing yet? This brush was a lifesaver this past winter in Chicago…start at your toes and brush in circular motions moving up your body to exfoliate, improve blood circulation and improve lymph drainage. I like to dry brush before I shower and then follow up with a super moisturizing lotion or this almond oil. *Note to pregnant mamas, I swear by almond oil to prevent stretch marks while pregnant. I have had zero stretch marks with both boys and lathered my body up every night with this liquid gold. 

In an effort to reduce the number of single-use plastic straws I go through, I recently purchased these stainless steel reusable straws. They are super easy to clean and work so well for everything from smoothies to iced coffee. I keep a few in my car for my Starbucks stops and one in my purse. 

Jade-rolling is my new obsession—this under $20 jade roller is amazing! I like to keep the jade roller in the fridge and roll it around my eyes in the morning to reduce puffiness, or I’ll use it at night to help massage in my serum. Soooo relaxing and effective. You want to roll in an upwards motion to encourage collagen production and keep your skin looking perky!

I’m a big list-maker, and these fine-tip markers make writing down all my to-dos so much more fun. I love all the different colors, and they don’t bleed through the paper! My sorority sisters use to make fun of me because I would always draw out these elaborate to-do lists with markers. They make doing things so much more fun!

I am obsessed with these hedgehog dryer balls. My mom has used these for years and they help to naturally dry and soften your clothes. Dryer sheets are filled with harmful chemicals and I love that these leave our clothes soft and also dry so much quicker. Highly recommend!

Every woman needs a Vitamin C serum in their skincare routine. I love that this one is under $20! You know a product is good with it has almost 10,000 customer reviews and 4.3 star rating!

Jack’s favorite teether is easy to hold and pretty cute, too!

One of my biggest pet peeves is enjoying half of an apple or tomato or onion or pepper, whatever it may be, putting it in a ziplock bag and having it go bad the next day. I swear by these silicone food huggers! You won’t realize you were missing them until you have them!

Our favorite natural cleaner that I use on EVERYTHING. Jack’s high chair, toys, Webster’s water bowls, strollers, car seats, stainless steel, counter tops. A must have in every home!!

What are your go-to Amazon products? I love discovering new favorites!