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Coffee with Liz • August 3, 2018

Coffee with Liz Q&A series

I’m taking pictures with my baby girl who will be wearing a peach romper. I’m looking for a neutral dress that would coordinate. I’m open to sleeves of some type, too! 

This off the shoulder midi dress comes in 2 pretty colors that would compliment peach! I also love the colors in this floral wrap midi dress. So many bloggers swear by the fit of this midi dress and you can’t go wrong with it in white! I like the idea of a midi dress because if you do any sitting photos you don’t worry about your dress being too short 🙂

My fiance and I are taking a trip to Dubai in the next few months and I’m trying to expand my wardrobe for it. Although Dubai isn’t super conservative, I’d like to be respectful of the locals and try to cover my shoulders and knees when possible. Do you have any recommendations on what I could wear for desert adventures (riding camels, riding ATVs, etc.) and also on a fancier dress for the Dubai World Cup?

Hm, this is tough because I’ve never been and don’t really know the vibe! Without being too specific, I think Everlane has amazing, classic basics for women that make it easy to mix and match different outfits. I specifically love this bow shirt dress and they have great basic tees and the best fitting jeans. In terms of something fancier I love this Yumi Kim dress and the colors of this dress are a dream!

I love the feel of this blog and the content you’re creating so I’d love to hear what media you’re absorbing and inspired by. What podcasts do you find to be particularly good/entertaining/relevant for young moms and/or young women? Is this something you’re into? If not, are there TV shows that you’re loving and/or relate to?

Ugh you guys, I wish I had a better response to this! I would love to find time to read more or listen to podcasts (I really want to start The Skinny Confidential) but honestly silence is more important to me these days (is that depressing?). I always struggle with starting something and then never finishing it because I just can’t find the time. That being said, I use Headspace every single night for meditation. In terms of shows, we are watching The Sinner on Netflix and I always switch between the Food Network, HGTV and Friends reruns alllll the time. 

I’ve noticed (this feels so creepy to say) that Liz and Dave’s bed is in a corner and I’m wondering how they navigate making the bed. Or is there actually a gap there I just can’t see? We recently shifted our bedroom around and put our bed in the corner and I’m having the most difficult time making the bed! Any tips on that appreciated.

Haha love that you noticed this! There is actually a gap between our bed and the wall (not too big!) but we are able to make the bed that way. Sadly I don’t have any tips for this!

I’m due with my first baby any day now (!) and I’m going to be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding 8 weeks after my due date. I’m looking for a dress for the rehearsal dinner but I have no idea what my postpartum body will be like. Do you have any suggestions for flattering dresses that will be comfortable for me to wear at that stage?

I would probably go with something that is flattering at our natural waist but disguises your lower stomach. At least for me, I was still very much blubbery for a few months so anything that accented my smaller parts and hid the heavier parts was the goal. I love the Rhode Resort dresses (specifically the pink and blue) or this maxi dress is under $100 and the color is gorgeous (pair with these earrings in ivory)!

I’m going to Paris in July with my husband, and as a souvenir, I’ve decided to invest in a designer handbag! I usually carry something from Rebecca Minkoff, Cuyana, etc. This will be my first high-end bag. Should I go with the obvious LV or Goyard? Or get something more trendy from a designer like Chloe or Celine? I want something that I can use for years to come. I love your style, so your input is appreciated! 

If you want a tote bag I would say go with the LV Neverfull and I personally love the Damier Azur pattern. If you want more of a handbag style my favorites are probably the Gucci Marmont bag, the new Chloe Tess Leather Shoulder bag, and the Saint Laurent leather tote (also love the YSL Loulou shoulder bag!).

I notice you have an older home like I do and was wondering if you too suffer from having small closets and how you organize all your clothes/shoes/bags/etc! I also have two boys similar ages to yours and we already feel like we’re outgrowing our home from having so much stuff but I feel like maybe I’m not utilizing the space as well as I could. 

So although our home is 90 years old, we surprisingly have a lot of closet space! Not so much in our bedrooms but we have a ton of storage space in our basement. I am a huge purger and every season I pack away what won’t be used/the items I want to save and donate the rest. We do have smaller closets in our bedroom but we also have dressers in every room and we fold down more clothes than we used to. I’m also looking to work with a company to redesign our closets to make them more functional. 

My husband and I are hoping to get pregnant within the next year. I’m so excited because I’ve always wanted to have children, I work directly with children daily, and my husband and I are just baby obsessed! However, I am oddly nervous about something coming in and disrupting us. We have been just us for 7 years and we have such a great time, just him and me. Were you worried about this with you and Dave while you were pregnant? I feel like I’d be so emotional about it! Thank you!

Yes definitely! But honestly, there is never going to be a pep talk that makes you feel more prepared. It is definitely a (huge) shift but I always looked at it as a new season of life. It was a natural progression for us and although we definitely reminisce on the good old days before kids, we wouldn’t change our new lives for the world. This new little babe comes along and soon you forget what life was like without them! Also I will say that bringing a baby into the world together makes your bond so much stronger. It tests you, it helps you appreciate each other more and it brings a whole new light into your life!

I’m 34 and started to notice wrinkles on my forehead. My dermatologist said the only way to get rid of them is botox. I’m not quite ready for that. Do you have any serums or creams that you would recommend for forehead wrinkles? I know you like La Mer for eyes, so I’m curious if you think their products would be good for wrinkle control on the rest of your face. Thanks!

I would probably start with a retinol serum! I use and love the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM serum. It works wonder while also maintaining moisture and keeping your skin looking bright. If you want an even stronger version you should look into this!

Liz, you always have such cute things for your boys. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for cute overnight bags for kids? I am looking for something cute for my baby girl’s things when we travel and I have no idea where to start looking! Thank you!

If I had a daughter I would buy her this weekender bag! It is so beautiful (I want for myself). It is also 25% OFF right now!

Can you share any housewarming gift ideas for a couple moving into their first home? 

I love the idea of this serving tray or I love this pretty outdoor wine bar set!

What hair products do you use (for blowdrying, curling etc.)? It’s been looking so good lately! 

You’re so nice! I actually don’t put a ton of product in my hair because my hair seems to be sensitive to too much stuff. I use a really pure shampoo (just generic from Walgreens!) and don’t put anything in my hair before blowdrying. I do prefer to curl my hair after hair drying because my hair has a coarse texture and it actually holds curl really well. I use Living Proof’s flex hair spray after I curl it and then I spray, let it cool and brush with a flat brush. I’ll then spray Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast underneath to give it some texture and really add volume! On second or third day hair (which is rare – I usually wash my hair everyday/every other day), I’ll add some dry shampoo and blow dry it into my hair. That’s it! This isn’t sponsored by Living Proof I’m just OBSESSED with their products. If I do feel like my hair is dry and needs some extra love I’ll use this Oribe Transformative Masque!

One of my good friends is pregnant with twin girls. This is her first pregnancy and she is due in October. I want to give something special for both mom and baby twin girls. Do you have any suggestions for good gift ideas? 

My favorite gift to give new moms and their babes are matching Roller Rabbit pajamas! You will love in pajamas as a new mom so it’s fun to have something that matches your little ones and is equally cute/cozy! I would do these for mama and these for the babes

My husband is in need of some new wardrobe pieces for just day to day/ casual wear. I was hoping you could share some of Dave’s go to brands or clothing that he always relies on? 

Dave has two recent posts on my blog – here and here! – that I feel are great representations of his style! Additionally he loves Everlane cashmere sweaters and slub tees.

I am in my first trimester of my first pregnancy and it has been a rough start so far.  I would love to know if you read any books during pregnancy to help prep? 

I read Bringing Up Bebe and What to Expect When You’re Expecting! But I will see, when the baby comes it is fly by the seat of your pants and I pretty much forgot everything I learned. I referred to this book all the time during Charlie’s first year of life!

Do you have any favorite shorts that you’d recommend? I feel like I hate every pair that I try on and I can only live in dresses for so long. I’m dying for a pair of denim shorts but can’t find any that I actually find flattering. 

I just bought these Good American denim shorts that I love! I bought a size 4. I also have these twill shorts in 3 colors and I pretty much wear them every day. Perfect for running around!

Who makes your new rug in your family room?

It is the Caitlin Wilson Designs Luna Rug in Dawn, size 8×10!

What are your sleeping arrangements with the kiddos when you stay in a hotel or at the cabin in Wisconsin? Does Jack wake up in the middle of the night when he’s a new place? If so, do you just rock him back to sleep or feed him?

Jack and Charlie are both in pack n’ plays – Jack is usually in our room with us and if we can, Charlie is in a separate room. This past weekend both boys were in the same room with use (it was not fun). We put Jack in the closet with his sound machine and Charlie was at the foot of our bed with his own sound machine too. We travel with a video monitor so we can keep an eye on both boys (obviously not necessary). Jack is a pretty good sleeper and if he does wake up I usually just let him settle himself. He may cry for anywhere from 5-20 minutes but it is never a full on CRY. I know he isn’t hungry in the middle of the night unless he wasn’t eating for some reason during the day. Now that Jack is 8 months old I don’t try to rock him in the middle of the night because he needs to be able to put himself back to sleep. If Charlie wakes up in that situation then he usually crawls into bed with us and we fall back to sleep. I would say go into it knowing that anything could happen. I never put them to bed thinking that it is going to be the best night of sleep ever. I personally feel that kids are creatures of habit so it may take a night or two to transition but then they figure it out. If we are staying in a hotel, we always ask if the room has large closets or any separate space to tuck one of our kids away from our sleeping arrangement. Charlie is old enough now that he can sleep with us if he needs to!
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