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Coffee with Liz • June 22, 2018

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Happy Friday! This is the first Friday in a loooong time where Coffee with Liz is live before 8am so you can actually read it with your morning coffee. One of these days I’ll get my act together, guys but in the meantime thanks for always being so patient with me! I hope you all have the BEST weekend! xo

I had a second baby 6 weeks ago and am feeling a little uncomfortable and self-conscious with my post-baby body, especially with trying to fit into warmer weather clothes. I don’t want to invest in a lot of new items, but am also tired of wearing leggings and feeling like I constantly look frumpy. Do you have any recommendations for a great pair of denim shorts on a budget? Or other early postpartum basics that are hot and humid Midwest summer friendly?

Old Navy always has cute summer dresses that are forgiving! I lived in mine during/after pregnancy (especially loving this and this). I was definitely in maternity jeans for at least 8 weeks postpartum so if you want some good maternity denim shorts I love these or J.Crew’s are my go-to (more sizes here) – I have my true size and then a size up for bad days (ha!). 

I wanted to ask your opinion about getting a tattoo on my wrist.  I think I read once that you have a small cross on your wrist bone. I am thinking about getting a small anchor in that area for my three sons and I wanted to know whether you feel comfortable having a visible tattoo (I’m 35 so I feel like such an old lady asking about this).  I thought that if I were in a situation where I was uncomfortable displaying the tattoo I could just cover it with my watch band or bracelet. Love to know your thoughts!!

Honestly I kind of want to get mine removed. It is so ugly – ha. I find it more embarrassing at 32 then cute so if you’re wanting my honest opinion I would say get it somewhere more discreet. 

We’re about to take a long flight from SFO to Heathrow with our 3mo. old and boy does the little one need a lot of stuff (formula, bottles, bibs and burp cloths, paci’s, extra clothes, etc.). Looks like United allows you to take a diaper bag in addition to maximum carry-on baggage allowance (backpack + handbag). What do you and Dave travel with to fit everything the boys need and all of your own stuff?

I always carry on our huge Scout bag + my diaper bag. The Scout bag holds my purse, camera case, iPad, books, extra blanket – everything. It is sometimes a pain to lug through the airport but I am always grateful I have it!

Headed to Seattle at the end of this month and wondering if you have any good summer sweater ideas?

I just bought this crewneck pullover and am so excited to get it! It looks like the perfect summer sweater. I’ve also had this swingy sweatshirt for 3 years and still love it! It is the best for travel! This cardigan is an investment but I swear you will wear it more than anything else you own! Plus you can throw it over every outfit. 

We moved into our new house in January and while dated (laminate countertops) we were happy enough with our all-white kitchen. Cue spring and the door to the patio and backyard is off of our kitchen. The white tile floor is FILTHY from dirty toddler feet and dog paws. We knew we would redo the kitchen eventually but the first thing to go sooner than later will be the white tile floor! I can’t Swiffer wet jet it enough! How did you decide on the darker tile floor? The rest of our home is hardwood but I think dark tile may be best in the kitchen. Are you liking it? Does it show much dirt/dog hair?

I love our dark floors! They really do hide everything (our old lighter tile used to drive me crazyyy). I don’t really know why I settled on the dark floors. The entire first floor of our house is original wood flooring but there is an addition on the back of the house (our family room) that is newer and is a different stain (more grey) than the rest of the rooms. Our original wood floors in the kitchen (that had been siting under layers of tile) were in rough shape and because we already had two different wood floor stains I wanted to do tile to break it up. I thought about doing a cool printed tile but didn’t end up loving anything so I decided on a hexagon shape in the dark charcoal with charcoal grout. Our kitchen has kind of a farmhouse feel now and I love it – it goes great with the style of our home.

I am moving back to Chicago after living in DC for two years and struggling to find apartments I love and feel are worth the price. Any thoughts to share about where you found great places in the city and what you’d recommend in terms of apartment hunting? Is Craigslist legit? Zillow, etc? (Looking mainly in the Lincoln Park area for 1 bedrooms.)

I always found my apartments on Craigslist but you have to be persistent! Things go up and rent FAST. My friend Alaina always told me to search using the MAP feature, so at the top left where it has the little drop down for the LIST view – switch it to MAP view. That way you never miss the good stuff in the neighborhoods you’re searching!

My mom is retiring at the end of the month. I’m looking to splurge on a gift for her (but not go too crazy). I was thinking a fun coffee maker or a piece of nice jewelry. Do you have any suggestions?

I love Dana Rebecca Designs for simple jewelry that is so special! The Lauren Joy necklace is such good staple (my mom, sister and I all have one!). We have a Miele coffee maker that is amazingggg (but pricey) and I’ve heard really good things about this pour over coffee maker!

Lugging my shoulder bag around during my long downtown Chicago commute was making my back hurt, so I’m in the market for a work backpack. I need something comfortable, water resistant, and big enough to hold my gym shoes/lunch/MacBook/etc. The problem is they’re all downright ugly! Any recommendations for something fashionable for everyday use that doesn’t look too athletic or masculine?

This blush pink backpack is so cute! I also love Herschel backpacks!

How does your routine for shaving your legs look like? This sounds so silly, I know! I’m always having trouble shaving my legs because I get so many red spots, which does not look pretty. I already tried professional waxing and sugaring, but when my hair regrows, it grows into my flesh and I get small inflammations. Same with epilating! So I keep shaving my legs with men’s shaving cream and a men’s razor…but still getting red spots all over my legs. All tips are much appreciated! 

I can have similar issues! I shave every other day (I use these razors) and on my off days I exfoliate with Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Body Scrub. I swear this combo works wonders! Great for summer legs. 

Where did you get the necklace you have with both boys’ initials on it (and also the gold necklace you layer it with)? I just had my second little guy and am hoping to find something similar!

My initial necklace is from Shop Lemel! I layer it with my Ariel Gordon Diamond Dash necklace.

My daughter just turned one and after a year of nursing, my once perky tatas are now horribly sad and saggy, so all of my cute and sexy low cut one piece bathing suits are a no-go. Do you have any suggestions for cute one pieces that can hold the boobs up but are still cute?

Ugh I feel you girlfriend. I wish I could tell you that I found the perfect swimsuit for this but honestly, I just kind of let them fly. All of my one pieces provide very little support and I personally don’t love swimsuits with underwire (I have a huge rib cage). I do have and love this Kate Spade swimsuit!

I think that recently you posted about another blog that offers book suggestions?  I found several great suggestions at the time, but now can’t remember the name of the blog and I need a new book! 

My friend Grace shares THE BEST book recommendations on her blog, The Stripe!

Hi Liz! I am the Maid of Honor at a friends wedding next year.  I am currently a mother of one and we would like to make her a big sister next year as well.  I recall you were pregnant for your sister’s wedding. How far along were you?  How did you handle her bachelorette party? Did you attend? Were you upfront with your sister prior about expanding your family? Lately I have been having anxiety that my friend will be upset if the bachelorette party ends up close to my due date and I can’t go or if I am pregnant at the wedding and won’t be as helpful as she would like or as fun at the wedding! Thanks for your input!!

I found out I was pregnant RIGHT AFTER my sister’s bachelorette party – so I was still fun, haha. I was so excited for my sister’s wedding that I kind of ignored that I was pregnant. Dave, Charlie and I were all in the wedding so we just had to roll with it! I am always in the mindset that being pregnant doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun so I would just do what you can! You’re still fun even though you’re pregnant! I know we get tired but I always just tried to power through. You’ll catch up on sleep eventually 🙂

I’m in a wedding this June and we are wearing long neutral dresses. I’m looking for a pair of nude sandals to wear. I’ll be 26 weeks pregnant at the time so I’m looking for something with little to no heel so I’ll be comfortable standing most of the day!

I love these patent leather Club Monaco sandals, I have and love these bow sandals or this simple style with a small heel.

Can you remind me where you purchased your ring with Charlie and Jack’s initials? I know you’ve linked before, but I can’t seem to find.

They are Dana Rebecca Designs

Would love to know your favorite white tank and nursing bra. On the hunt for both, thanks!

I love Twenty Tees Perfect tanks! They are my favorite and they actually wash/dry well (my biggest pet peeve is when my new cotton tees shrink). In terms of nursing bras, these are by far the most comfortable but I love Natori’s Hidden Glamour bras for feeling like a woman and not a cow 😉

My babies are 21 months and 6 weeks old. I know Charlie and Jack aren’t quite as close in age, but how did you deal with finding the balance of sticking to Charlie’s schedule when you had an infant who was kind of a wildcard (i.e. feeding on demand, not sleeping on a schedule yet, etc.)? I try to time things right, but I often find myself needing to get my toddler down for his nap right when the baby starts screaming and needs to eat or I’ll be feeding the baby when my toddler wakes up and I can’t easily get him since he’s still in a crib and he ends up screaming.

I would say that most days are all over the place. Most of the time I’m feeding Jack a bottle while reading Charlie a few books before his nap time. Over time I think Charlie has learned to be more patient with the process because I can’t devote all of my attention to him all the time. Jack just kind of goes with it! I would say you’re still in the phase where you just have to get through it and sometimes your kids are going to have to wait for you to give them your full attention. I remember feeling so guilty about this but it is just inevitable! Your 6 week old is still too young be on a schedule so just give it time. Eventually things fall into place a little more easily. 

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