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Coffee with Liz • June 1, 2018

Weekly blogger Q&A series Coffee with Liz

We have friends who are having their first baby (a little boy!). Their registry was filled really quickly, and they’re the kind of people who always already have anything they need. Any ideas on baby gift ideas that are either 1) sentimental or 2) really helpful for first-time parents? 

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit! It is my go-to gift. Anything that promises your child will sleep is a good gift in my book. I also love the prints from The Animal Print Shop for a nursery. 

I will be having three baby showers this summer (two in June, one in July) and would love flattering dress suggestions! Preferably under $200ish. I will be 28 weeks for the two in June and 32 weeks for the one in July.

Yay congrats! A few maternity dresses that would be cute herehere (I wore a version of this dress here!), here and here (would look so cute with these heels!). Have fun!

My mom and aunt are throwing me a baby shower and I was looking for ideas for thank you gifts for both of them!  Do you have any suggestions? 

I always think something personalized is a sweet gift. Mark & Graham has really pretty gifts for women. You could do something like this travel jewelry case with something pretty inside? I also recommend these Cuyana cosmetic cases to everyone – I feel like they are something you never think of buying for yourself but LOVE to receive! I have and love the Ecru color with a gold monogram. 

I’m wondering how you keep up with cleaning Webster’s fur around your house!  We have 2 labs and the fur is INSANE!  Especially now that it’s getting warm and they’re shedding winter coats.  We have a 2-year-old and a baby on the way and I wonder if I’m just going to be living in piles of fur for the rest of my life.  Any tricks you’ve discovered for making it easier?

Ugh unfortunately I think it is the price we pay for our sweet labs. Dave and I talk about getting another dog and I just can’t do it right now…so much hairrrr. I don’t have a resolution for you but I will say that when Webster is really shedding we make sure to brush him with the Furminator every single night (it makes a huge difference!) and I vacuum like a mad woman. Dave bought me the Dyson V6 Animal vacuum recently and it makes me very happy. 

I had my fourth child about a month ago and would like to find a nice fitting but not super pricey pair of white jeans for this weird in-between phase. Ditto for a pair of jean shorts. 

I have been living in and loving Everlane’s jeans! They don’t have a lot of stretch so I would recommend sizing up from the size you are right now. I personally don’t like my white jeans to have a lot of stretch because then I feel like the hug every roll on my backside (ugh), where the jeans with less stretch kind of disguise it. I own this style (seen here) and really like the shape! I haven’t tried their shorts but they look like a good length! Can’t beat the prices!

I would love your recommendation for a fashionable yet classic crossbody bag.  I am not an accessories person so I don’t like to spend much money on them, but I need something other than my LL Bean tote or a clutch for the summer!  My style is very classic/preppy so nothing too crazy. 🙂 

You can’t go wrong with this, this or this (personal favorite). 

I have a wedding on a Greek island this summer (I know, poor me) with the dress code “beach chic” (what does that even mean?!) and the pressure of attending the wedding of the most fashionable person I’ve ever met. I’m looking at patterned maxi dresses or two-piece dresses, maybe? And I’d love to cap the price point at $150 if possible!

Ohhhhh this is fun!! Also I know this feeling well…ok after a quick search I would maybe go with something like this, this or this!

I know you have two boys, but was hoping you guys could recommend a brand that sells daddy/daughter matching swimsuits? We’re heading to Croatia in June and would love to surprise my husband with something like that for Father’s Day.  

Hm, sadly I don’t really know!! I would probably opt for a brand that can easily match like Vineyard Vines or Lilly Pulitzer

I’ve been debating the Gucci Princetown mules for ages but have yet to pull the trigger due to the investment price. Would you buy them again and did you find them true to size?

Yes and yes! I LOVE mine. Honestly, they elevate every outfit. I am considering buying them in a more feminine print like this or this

We recently bought a house and I’m looking for some great outdoor barware/tableware options. I have a 2-year-old so preferably something that is plastic or doesn’t break easily! 

I have an odd obsession outdoor plates! A few I’m loving are here, here, here and here. I also just bought these plastic cups which work for cocktails, wine – whatever!

I was wondering if you could share details on your laptop that you recently bought? I think a MacBook Pro? Pros/cons, why not other models? I’m an Apple girl so I’m not looking at other brands, just want your opinion on the version you have. Thanks!

I bought the newest MacBook Pro version with the highest memory since I’m constantly editing photos that take up a lot of SPACE. I was sick of constantly transferring images to my external hard drive only to need them a few days later. This way I can store way more projects, apps, images on my computer at one time. I’m really happy with it!

I’m looking for some work appropriate pants to beat the Texas heat, maybe even a wide leg pant, that would provide comfort and relief from the heat. Chic, casual, comfortable, yet pulled together. Oh, and I’m working with a postpartum body!! Any ideas??

I recently tried on these wide leg pants at J.Crew and they are super flattering! Would look cute with a silk tank or a t-shirt, heels or sandals. Not sure what your dress code is but Anthropologie has a bunch of fun options

I have an almost 6 month old son (only two days apart from Jack!) and will be at home with him 24/7 soon. What activities do you plan for him on a daily basis? I’m a first-time Mom, so I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to help in his development. Any specific toys or activity centers you suggest?

We read lots of books, Jack loves his Skip Hop Activity Center, we go on a walks and listen to lots of music (we love Raffi). I think equal parts stimulation and letting them explore on their own (walks, observing the room, etc.) is important! Don’t stress about it too much! Jack loves this sensory book!

I remember reading that your Mom made a stocking for Charlie and was making one for Jack – I absolutely love this tradition! Is there a specific kit that she purchases or how would one get started on a project like this?

My mom is actually an amazing needlepoint-er (is that a thing?). So she buys the stencil or whatever it would be called and does it herself. Both Charlie and Jack’s took her almost a year!

I’m helping plan a bachelorette party in August in Chicago. Can you please share some fun group activities or must-see restaurants/bars for night time?

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about stuff like this and family vacations in Chicago so I want to highlight some posts that I think would be helpful: my Chicago City Guide, updated with summer activities in Chicago with kiddos and Carolyn did a post about the best date ideas in Chicago including where to hang with your girlfriends! Feel free to browse here for all things Chicago!

Happy June, friends!! xoxo Don’t forget to submit your questions for next week by emailing with the subject “Coffee with Liz!”