Motherhood over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Date Night in Dallas and 5 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

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Last weekend Dave and I flew to Dallas for a work conference and I was so excited to have him by my side + get a couple days away from the kids (so necessary sometimes). We had full intentions on attending the big party on Saturday night before flying home on Sunday morning. However, after getting dressed up and grabbing sushi we both decided that getting in bed with a glass of red wine, watching a movie and going to bed before 10pm sounded like a much better idea. Weekends away used to mean late nights, hangovers and coming back exhausted. Now Dave and I relish weekends away when we get to come home refreshed. So on Saturday we decided to give our bodies a break, ordered room service (wine and ice-cream), watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall and fell asleep before it was finished. It was wonderful. 

If you’ve read my blog for awhile then you know my love for Rebecca Taylor. Her collections are always feminine, delicate, detailed and dreamy. When I saw this lace and ruffle dress I knew I had to have it! It is definitely an investment piece but a little black dress will never go out of style in my closet. It also comes in this pretty sleeveless floral style (also here) and this white blouse version. Her pieces are such a sweet statement for Spring. A few more favorite I’m loving are this gorgeous white and blue floral dress (would be so pretty for a bridal shower!), this sweet white ruffle dress (a must-have for Summer), I love the retro fit of this top – so chic and sexy, and this embroidered linen top (would look so cute with white jeans and bow sandals). 

I always get questions about my relationship with Dave. How it’s changed since having kids, what we do to keep the spark alive, how we  dedicate time for ourselves…and these questions always spark a lot of thought on my end! As a parent and more specifically, a mom!, it sometimes feels like my husband is the last person to get the attention (sorry Dave!). Our relationship is far from perfect and a lot of times we can be each other’s punching bags but I feel like there are a few things we always do to maintain a healthy relationship. A few things that I think are important are that we never go to bed angry, we address issues before they become BIG issues, we laugh, we know when to tap out when the other one needs help and we schedule time for ourselves whenever we can. We’ve also learned to lower our expectations since becoming parents and I think that has brought less comparison/keeping tally and more joy to our relationship/family dynamic. 

So just for fun, I thought I would share…

5 random things that I love about Dave

  1. He always makes me laugh. Even when I’m pretending to be annoyed and not laugh at him (which he can always see through). He is seriously the most lighthearted, positive, uplifting and hilarious human I’ve ever met in my life. 
  2. He LOVES being a dad. Seeing him own this roll has been my favorite thing. He is also a TOTAL DAD and he owns it. Terrible dance moves (that will one day embarrass his kids), dresses like dad, makes dad jokes and just genuinely is a dad. 
  3. He is always willing to help people. Absolutely anyone. He is the first to stop if someone has a flat tire on the side of the road, when we are in an Uber he wants to hear the driver’s life story, he doubles as an electrician, professional mover, plumber – he knows how to do everything and is always willing to drive all over town to help friends/family with whatever they may need. He is just a genuinely caring, selfless individual.
  4. He doesn’t know the words to any songs. It’s funny because I love music and associate specific songs with certain aspects of my life, memories, events, etc. but Dave could care less. He tries to sing a song and the words are always wrong, off tone and just terrible. It’s kind of hilarious and endearing. 
  5. He is always up for anything! I am the social dud in our relationship because my kids suck the energy out of me but Dave is always game to meet up with friends, make weekend plans, grab a beer at 10am just because, decide that going out to dinner would be far easier than cooking – the list goes on. He pushes me to be a fun, functioning human and not just a mom πŸ™‚

Dave, I love you! Thank you for always being a model when we are trying to test the light before shoots, thank you for loving us SO MUCH and for being my best friend. 

Shop the post:
Rebecca Taylor Lace and Ruffle Dress (wearing a 4), Alexandre Birman Heels, Gucci Marmont Bag, Dior Lip Glow in Pink