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Coffee with Liz • April 6, 2018

Weekly blogger Q&A series with Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes.

Hi friends, Happy Friday! This week’s Q&A is a little short because we have had a crazy week with construction at our house, work deadlines and prepping for our vacation next week. Can’t wait to share a ton of new content with you in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend! xoxo

I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and just starting to get to the point where nothing fits! I was curious if you had any suggestions for dresses, I’d love a mix of flowy and fitted. 

This blog post should be helpful! I would say my favorite maternity dresses come from Ingrid & Isabel and Hatch 🙂 Sonnet James has beautiful dresses that fit the bump, too!

I live in Chicago and I’m hoping to move to a new apartment this summer. It’s such a competitive rental market so I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for finding a good rental? How did you and Dave find the apartments you lived in? Do you suggest using a realtor or going it alone? 

We found all of our rentals on Craigs List! But I think you have to be persistent. We would check like every 2 hours because the good rentals go SO FAST. I remember falling in love with one we saw on Craigs List and it had already been rented after 1.5 hours. My friend Alaina taught me a trick to search using the map view on CL and you can really narrow down the areas your want to live in/see what rentals pop up!

Did you all own or rent when you lived in the city? Now that you own, would you recommend waiting until you can afford something a little nicer and bigger and rent for the time being? All I can afford to buy in the city is a shoebox and not sure it’s worth it.

We were in the process of looking/buying our first home after we got married and then quickly found out we were pregnant with Charlie and decided to wait. I think it depends! We knew that with a baby we would probably only be in the city for a few more years and it just didn’t seem worth it to us to buy. We were definitely annoyed by how much money we spent on just a rental but in the end we were grateful that we didn’t have to keep up with any of the home ownership headaches. I will say that being able to own a yard and a driveway and a garage on top of a full home for the price of a condo in the city feels pretty good. 

We just welcomed our second son a week ago. My mom flew out to help and will be here for a few more weeks. I want to get her a watch (she mentioned wanting one) as a thank you. Any suggestions for a casual, everyday watch with a leather strap around a $200 price point?

I love Daniel Wellington watches!

I love the straight leg jean trend but have been having a hard time finding a pair that fits my body type. I’m curvier in my hips and bottom and most of the options out there have very little stretch, since they’re going for that vintage feel. Any suggestions on a good pair of straight leg jeans that fit someone with hips? 

I have these Frame straight leg jeans and love them! So much stretch but still hold their structure! Old Navy’s power jean is a great option under $40!

If I remember correctly, you chose (and loved?) the Nuna Pipa as your infant car seat. We’re looking to do the same but torn between their “regular” and “lite” versions, with the catch being that the latter can’t be used without the car seat base. Any insight or thoughts you have after a couple years living in both the city and the suburbs and traveling with kids would be much appreciated!

Interesting! There was only one option when we bought ours but I will say that the car seat base makes it so so easy. I actually hate when we decide not to bring our base with us (like on trips, etc.) because it makes putting the car seat in the car so quick and easy. I also think it makes the seat much more secure. I would go with the regular!

Where did you get Webster? From a breeder or did you rescue him? I recently bought my own place and my boyfriend & I are dying to get a sweet little lab!!!

We found Webster for sale in the Chicago Tribune! Haha. There was an ad for chocolate lab puppies and Dave drove out to a far western suburb where a family was basically housing them in the Chicagoland area. He came from a breeder in Wisconsin but I don’t remember the name. 

I am going to a wedding in Playa del Carmen in early April and have never been to a beach wedding. I would love to know any recommendations you have for simple cover-ups as well as for evening attire at the resort. I’m struggling because I’ll still be pale but want to dress all light and summery!

For coverups I am loving this, this, this and this! I am also really into sarongs this year! We are heading to the beach next week and I am bringing this and this. For evening attire I’ll share some of the items I’m bringing on my own trip! This maxi dress, this wrap dress, this white dress, this crochet dress, this cute top with white high waisted denim (size up) and this dreamy palm print dress

My niece is turning 16 in about 2 weeks, and I’m stumped on a gift! Hoping to spend less than $50. For context, she is an Instagram-loving girl who is makeup obsessed.

I would recommend Sephora’s selfie kit! Everything you need to create the perfect selfie 🙂 So cute!

Literally minutes ago, you posted “What I’m Buying for Spring” and your hair color looks different and amazing! Did you get it done recently? What process/color did your hairstylist use? It looks so fresh, bright, and low maintenance. I need to show pictures and give all the details to my hairstylist asap! 

I don’t color my hair! I think in some light it looks more brassy and in other light it looks more brown/darker. My hair naturally lightens up in the sun so maybe after Florida it got a little lighter? I don’t know! 

My girlfriends and I are planning a trip to Chicago in June.  None of us live in the city, so we are looking for advice on where to get nice drinks.  We are all moms in our 30’s,  so cool, mellow non-touristy, places for drinks is what we’d be looking for.

This post and this post should be super helpful! I personally love the J.Parker in Lincoln Park for views of LP and the lake, the Allis at Soho House (worth it), Summer House, Pump Room, Le Colonial or I love grabbing lunch/rosé with girlfriends at Fred’s at Barneys on Oak Street 🙂
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