Holiday Beauty over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Holiday Beauty: An Easy Smokey Eye

A natural smokey eye is something I’ve wanted to achieve in my beauty routine but always feels super daunting. When I apply any eyeshadow that is darker than my natural skin tone I immediately feel like I’m working the streets, if you know what I mean. I know this isn’t really the case but I’m well aware that my application process has always been sub-par. I called on my friend Vanessa Valliant to help teach us her technique for mastering the perfect smokey eye.


We are building on this makeup look we created for obtaining the perfect holiday glow, just in case you’re looking for any of the products on my face! To get started with the smokey eye, Vanessa used the Tartlette palette in Amazonian. Vanessa says to apply an all over light shadow on the eyelid using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. We started with the color Super Mom from the Tartlette palette

Place a darker color in the outer lower corner of the eyelid and blend up slightly into the crease. Brushes are very important with a smokey eye! We applied Dreamer from the Tartlette palette which is a chocolate brown to add depth but isn’t too overwhelming. Vanessa used a small tapered blending brush for this. 


Add shimmer to the eyelid after you have blended the darker tone. We used a soft brown in the NYX In Your Element Palette to compliment the outer corner. You could also use a gold or soft pink to add a pop of color for the holidays. Apply using a shading brush. Tap on the eyeball of the eyelid to create a shimmer effect. If you want a bolder look then wet the brush before applying.

To finish off the look apply a thin black liner using an angled brush. Vanessa recommends adding a wing tipped end. Gently place and pull the eyeliner and have a Q-Tip nearby to clean up the eyeliner to create that winged look in the outer corners! I learned so much about applying the eyeliner with a brush rather than a pencil and actually placing it on the lid rather than painting/drawing. It is so much easier and blends better with your shadow! Vanessa also recommended these for easy eyeliner clean up (which I definitely need!). 

So what do you think of this look? I totally plan to recreate it over the next couple weeks!