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A December Makeup Look

December makeup, December beauty look

A simple December makeup look perfect for any holiday event (or just every day). I’m a big fan of a classic makeup look. I’m the type of person that whenever I try to add a little eyeliner or a smokey eye it always looks overdone. I always want to look like myself and this simple look is glowy and easy with a little bit a sparkle to feel seasonal. These products are all ones that I use in my daily life so know that they aren’t just ideal for the holiday season, but year round!

Veronica Beard Top, J.Crew Earrings

holiday makeup, holiday glow, glowy makeup, natural makeup

My December Makeup Look (in order!)

Lune+Aster HydraGlow Primer

I always use this as a base to my makeup and gives your skin the prettiest glow from within!

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Gucci Bronzer in 02

A little bougie but truly the best bronzer. It never feels super pigmented and gives you just the right amount of natural looking color.

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Brush Set

I love this double sided brush set. Every brush you could need with the softest touch.

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Tarte Concealer

This stuff works wonders on tired eyes but never feels drying or flakey. I wear color 22N.

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Rare Beauty Blush

Creamy, pigmented and so so pretty. I’m wearing the color HOPE.

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Rare Beauty Highlighter

The prettiest, most natural glow I’ve ever used. This pairs so well with the blush! I use the color Mesmerize.

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Westman Atelier Setting Powder

I love this setting powder. It has almost a blurring effect to it that makes your makeup look like a filter. A great staple for when you want your makeup to last.

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Roen Disco Eye

A fun eyeshadow to add a little sparkle to your eyes.

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Lawless Brow Wax

A lightweight eyebrow gel that keep your eyebrows in place but still looking soft and bushy.

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RMS Mascara

My favorite ever ever. I’ve tried others and always go back to this.

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U Beauty Plasma Lip Compound

I have this in almost every color they make because I love it so much. A good topper to any lip!

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A few stragglers that unfortunately are sold out, I used a lip pencil and eyeshadow base from this Merit set. I tried to use a little bit of the second from the right color in this palette in my crease but I don’t’ think it did anything, ha. I also use my Rare Beauty blush in Joy as a light lip color under my U Beauty Lip Compound. Any questions leave them in the comments!

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