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Hi friends, happy Friday! I’m 39 weeks pregnant today and basically just twiddling my thumbs waiting for our baby to arrive. We are working on getting a ton of content up for next week and can’t wait to continue the gift guides and giveaways! xoxo

I’m 15 weeks pregnant with #3 (have 2 and 4-year-old girls). Last week I left my corporate job to stay home and freelance. I’m at a loss for how to wear comfortable clothes that I don’t mind getting ruined by tomato soup and playdough, while also not looking like a total schlub. To complicate things, I don’t want to spend a lot on maternity clothes since this is my last baby. (I had two summer pregnancies last time so most of my clothes won’t work with this pregnancy.) I’m usually around a size 14 and 5’4″ so I definitely look like a total slob when I’m wearing leggings with sweatshirts every day. Any advice would be very appreciated.

I feel like buying maternity clothes vs. opting to size up in normal clothes during pregnancy is a constant dilemma! The only downside of wearing normal clothes in a size bigger is that you kind of end up looking like a bag where maternity items are made to fit the bump. I personally haven’t worn a ton of maternity but the pieces that I have worn are you usually the most flattering (according to compliments from Dave). That being said, I have loved the new Isabel Maternity collection from Target! This sweatshirt is a cute alternative to your regular sweats and would look great with maternity skinny jeans (I have these seen here). The line also has some really cute longer sweaters (that could easily carry you to spring) like this, this, this and this! Pairing a sweater with my leggings immediately makes me feel less of a slob!

Do you have any advice for picking baby names? My husband and I are pregnant with our first (still early stages), and I am worried that we will never be able to agree on a name! How did you guys settle on Charlie/Baby #2’s names? Did you use any lists/sites for ideas?

It’s tough! There is so much pressure in a name! For Charlie, we both just really liked the name Charlie. Dave and I agreed that it felt like a friendly, happy name and that was that. Baby #2 has been much harder. We actually still aren’t completely set on a name (torn between 2!). Because we didn’t know the sex for our first pregnancy, we had one name picked out for each – no back ups. Now that we know #2 is a boy, it has been harder to narrow it down. In general, Dave and I have similar opinions on names. We are kind of old school in our choices and aren’t into anything too trendy. We like to think of every single scenario (even the judgmental/caddy ones like “will he be picked on in high school if we name him X”). The list of most popular baby names didn’t really do it for us. We actually liked to look at this list and the names of past Presidents of the United States. Haha, we are weird. 

I have two sweet girls – a 3.5 month old and a 2.5 year old. The little one is going through a sleep regression and we ordered Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit in desperation. However, I’m hesitant to use it. I remember you mentioned that Charlie loved it, but my question is about when he outgrew it. Did he have trouble transitioning to a good sleep routine without it? Just curious about your experience once Charlie was too big for it. My daughter’s sleep seems to be getting back on track, so I’m not sure that I want to introduce something new that she might grow dependent on, only to have to take it away someday. 

We used the sleep suit from 3-6 months and LOVED it. I never wanted to give it up but once they start rolling over it is time to go. It sounds like your daughter is going through the dreaded 4 month regression which is totally normal! The sleep suit worked for us for a few reasons – I think it was comforting (kind of like a big hug), it helped with the startle reflex that wakes babies up so often, it helped soothe Charlie when he would wake up in the middle of the night and it got us into a night time sleep routine. My feeling is every transition is going to be tough. Whether you’re transitioning from a swaddle to a sleep sack or out of the sleep sack, etc. It took Charlie about 3-5 nights to get used to not sleeping in the Merlin and he has slept well ever since (we went from the Merlin to just footed pajamas, no sleep sack). 

I recently got engaged and my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law are throwing my fiance and I an engagement lunch/brunch on December 2.  If the current weather is any indication, I expect the weather to be quite cold in New York at that point.  Any suggestions for outfits?  I hear brides-to-be typically wear white at wedding-related events, but am not positive I can pull off a white dress in December.

I had an engagement party in December, too! I wore a long sleeve white dress with no tights and heels. I’m assuming it will be inside which means you’re only going to be outdoors for transportation so you can probably suck it up and not wear tights. If I felt like I needed it, I would have worn black opaque tights with my black heels. I also don’t think it is completely necessary to wear white! Especially since it is around the holidays. A few outfit options here, here (LOVE this), here (so chic) and here

My question is that we are going to take some family photos soon for the holidays and I’m looking for ideas for myself. I am pretty short, 5’1” and not my skinniest self right now (#momlife). What are some ideas for outfits that will be slimming on camera? Should I do skinny jeans, pixie pants or a skirt? 

Let me start by saying that every week I get 10 or so questions asking for styling suggestions for very specific occasions. It is sometimes hard without knowing what you look like, the location of the shoot, the vibe, etc. So, let me start by saying that ultimately you want to wear what truly makes you feel the most confident! Anyone can tell you what would look cute or maybe scrolling through my past outfit posts helps inspire you to find a new outfit. However, you have to feel like you! That is 100% my biggest piece of advice when it comes to taking photos. I can’t tell you how many shoots we have done that never made the blog because I genuinely don’t feel like myself in the images. 

That being said! I’m probably going to repeat what I’ve answered in previous questions. I’m on the shorter side too – 5’4″ – and I have loved the sweater dress/boot combo this season. A good heeled boot adds height to your figure and a dress can disguise any bumps you’re trying to hide. You can see some examples here and here

I’m in desperate need of a new, WARM winter coat to face another Chicago winter but would like it to look a little less sporty than the Canada Goose or North Face that everyone is wearing. Does a warm yet fashionable winter coat exist? Please help!

I still struggle with this year after year. I did just order this Everlane style in hopes that it works!

What are your thoughts on black tights – are the translucent black tights stylish or is it opaque all the way? Wondering if there are best practices of when to wear which type of black tights?

I am usually black opaque tights all the way. It is very rare that I wear translucent unless it is nude. No particular reason why! I just prefer the way it looks and I think translucent tights are a bit more dated maybe? I am no expert!

I’m wondering how you told your parents and in laws you were expecting (with Charlie and Baby #2). Were you able to wait until the 12 week mark? I’m not currently expecting, but when I am I don’t know how I will be able to wait!

We told them right away! I had a miscarriage before Charlie and it made me realize how much you need the ones you love if anything should go wrong. I was much more comfortable telling people early this time around because I knew I wouldn’t feel ashamed if something would have gone wrong again. It is totally personal preference! But it is such an exciting time, I especially think your family would be so so happy to support you throughout the entire journey. 

When you have baby #2, will you be taking time off posting on your blog or will you have someone posting your content for you? I know some bloggers have had people post for them in the past while on maternity leave so I’m just curious as I love reading your blog!

We have a lot of content already scheduled for my absence! But yes, I do plan to check out for a bit. You’ll notice that outfit posts are pretty slim over the next few weeks because in all honestly, I’m sick of sharing maternity looks. Thankfully with social media I won’t be totally quiet (I’m sure I’ll spam you with the newborn haze on insta stories) but we have a ton of beauty content, recipes, home decor and more that is already scheduled for early December. I’m hoping to share some of my holiday outfits, too!

I am trying to think of a good present for my mom and dad for Christmas. I am a new grad out of college and my parents always tell me to save money and not give them spendy presents. I always stick with clothes but it seems like they usually just like buying clothes for themselves. Is there other gifts you can think of?

I swear by this gift for moms. The leather is amazing and the monogram makes it feel extra special! Plus, what woman doesn’t appreciate a pretty cosmetic case or jewelry pouch. Whatever you want it to be! For dad’s, these gloves have been one of the most worn and most appreciated gifts I have ever given my dad. Every year my mom tells me that as soon as it gets cold my dad says “where are my gloves from Elizabeth?” Win.

I am at a complete lose on what to get my sister for Christmas. Usually I’m so on top of things and already have ideas in my head by Halloween, but this year I am drawing a blank. She has two little kiddos at home (one only 4 months old) and I feel like she deserves something extra special this year. I am however on a budget (college girl here) and would like to keep gifts under $150. Do you have any ideas to share?

I would check out my gift guide for her! This cashmere sweater is extra special or I have and love this dreamy jogger set (can’t wait to wear it post-baby) or again, these travel cases are SO beautiful (you could even put a gift certificate for a manicure inside!). 

Where did you get your bedding? I love it! We have two non-shedding dogs who sleep in our beds (yikes!) and a brand new baby. I love the look of white bedding but am afraid we’ll get it too dirty. Do you have any suggestions for lighter bedspreads with minimal print or a great bedding store? We love to keep it simple!

Right now our bedding is just from Target! We don’t have a duvet cover (because I get so sick of cleaning it) so I throw a big, grey cozy blanket on top. I love shopping for bedding at Biscuit Home (we have these monogrammed Euro shams on our bed) and Serena + Lily

I am due with my first baby in December just days before Christmas.  I have this tugging at my heart to get little “appreciate you” gifts for the nurses. Is this something you’ve done? Do you think this is a good idea? Any tips for gifts? Help.

That is so nice of you! We didn’t do this. You’re nicer than us, ha. I think it is a super sweet gesture and definitely something that would be appreciated. I will say, we had amazing nurses and then we had one okay nurse. I think it is something to think about maybe after the fact? You’re in the hospital for almost 48 hours so you have plenty of time to see how they interact with you. I had huge intentions of bringing them something (like cookies or a cute coffee mug with a Starbucks gift card) a few weeks after Charlie was born but Charlie was such an easy baby and my delivery was so textbook that I think I was probably just a blink of an eye to them (and I was in my new-mom hole). I think you should do whatever feels right for you!

I have recently been going to my exercise class straight from work.  I would love to add a chic gym bag to my Christmas list. Do you have any recommendations?

I have and love this Athleta bag! I’ve also heard amazing things about the Adidas Shipshape bag. When I worked in the corporate world and would go to the gym after work, I always just carried a backpack (easier for the commute).

I am still having trouble finding something to give my mom and was wondering if you could help? She is the classic “woman that has everything, but deserves the world”. She is a 40 something, business woman, and runner. What is something that you would love to get as a mom, that would mean a lot, or that you would never buy yourself? I am 21 now and can’t bear to buy her another candle, robe, or coffee mug because she deserves so much more.

Awh, I totally feel you. The older I get, the more focused I am on sentimental gifts for the ones that I love. Last year I bought this necklace for my mom and sister (I have one too) and we all wear it. It is so simple and delicate and a constant reminder of each other. Another option here for a little less $$. Or what about a cashmere robe? Something I want but will most likely never buy for myself. 

My best friend is pregnant with her first child, due right after Christmas! Along with gifts for the baby, I would love to get her something too. Any gift ideas for a new Mom?

How hilarious is this coffee mug? I also love this mom necklace or a pair of pretty pajamas!

Thanks for your questions this week! Don’t forget to submit your questions for next week via email using the subject “Coffee with Liz.”


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  1. Liz- please share this with your reader who asked about what to get nurses! I am a Labor and Delivery nurse myself- have been for 5 years. To answer her question- ANYTHING! Patients almost never give gifts (which is 100% okay). If they want to keep it small- a box or two of donuts, bagels, etc. is always lovely. Any type of food really is always wonderful to get. If they want to personalize it, I’d say wait until after the experience and if there is a nurse or a few that really helped your experience, you can always do a little Starbucks or Dunkin gift card. You can just bring it to their unit with their name on it, and it will get back to them. I’ve had this happen a few times and it’s always a sweet gesture. But, if they want to keep it simple and generalized- any type of food is their best bet.

  2. To the bride-to-be, try the lace pants from JCrew! Liz wore them on the blog last year and I bought the blush pair for my winter bridal shower. I wore them with an ivory blouse and pretty nude heels and it was nice to be comfy and warm, but the lace is so bridal. JCrew brought them back this year in red and black which are a little less bridal, but you could do something along those lines 🙂