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7 New Beauty Products I’m Loving

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This pregnancy has done a doozy on my skin. Not only have I dealt with more breakouts but also dry patches, dark circles and just an overall look of complete exhaustion. It’s been lovely. 

A few weeks ago I decided that I needed some new products to help boost my appearance a bit. I ventured to Nordstrom and spent an hour testing customer favorites from a few different brands and landed on some new products for my makeup bag. I have noticed a huge difference and honestly can’t believe I didn’t jump on the bandwagon earlier (read the reviews of these products online if you need more convincing and you’ll see why). Here are 7 new products that I’m loving… 

  1. Arcona Triad Toner Pads (not pictured): I mentioned in an earlier post that I had to give up my facial pads while pregnant (due to salicylic acid). I had heard amazing things about these Arcona Triad Toner pads and finally decided to try them. Within a week my skin has appeared brighter, more even and has felt healed. I love that these are filled with antioxidants to protect your skin leaving it looking glowy and refreshed. A great base to your makeup routine or prep for your night time routine.
  2. bareMinerals Powder Foundation (I’ve been wearing the “light” color): I used to be an avid user of powder foundation but took a break the past few years. With my skin feeling extremely dry (and winter months ahead making it more dry), liquid foundation isn’t cutting it. I recently rediscovered my love for this powder foundation – it is lightweight, provides even coverage, doesn’t cake into your pores and leaves my skin feeling even and clean. 
  3. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder: Obsessseddddd. I use it on top of my concealer to provide an extra layer of brightness to my eyes and it’s a great pick me up throughout the day. Instead of adding more liquid coverage the powder provides even brightness and coverage without clumping on my skin. It sets evenly into your skin/pores and is incredibly lightweight. The only thing that has disguised my constantly tired eyes these days.
  4. Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus: I had been intrigued by lash primers after seeing a few bloggers rave about them.  I was drawn to this Estee Lauder primer because it conditions, reduces breakage and helps your mascara stay put (plus it has amazing reviews online). I love that you can wear it at night for a special lash conditioning treatment. It makes my lashes look 2x longer after you apply mascara and helps my mascara hold strong all day.
  5. NARS Multiple Stick in Portofino: Cream blush is my jam once the weather cools down. It is rich and creamy and can honestly do so much. The perfect makeup product for mamas on the go. I love this color from NARS because it is  and stays on all day. I’ve been using on my cheeks and it also adds a nice brightness to my lips and the creases of my eyes (use sparingly, NARS is known for being super pigmented). I also discovered the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick, a great alternative to the NARS Multiple. I have used this a lot towards the end of summer and plan to carry it into fall. It is much lighter (you’ll notice right at application) and provides the softest dewiness. I’ve been using a quick swipe on my lips, on my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose to give my skin a soft glow. I love it on my lips!
  6. Sigma Brushes: Raise your hand if buying new makeup brushes is annoying? Yes. Me too. BUT it is honestly something I’ve needed to do for a couple years. When you have something that gets the job done, spending the money on a refresh just sounds like a waste! Bloggers rave about Sigma brushes so I finally bit the bullet after seeing their sets that were a steal. I bought the “Face Kit” because I pretty much needed to freshen up everything and add some new brushes to my repertoire. They also offer the “Best of Sigma Beauty” kit and the “Essential Kit” is kind of a dream (would make an amazing Christmas gift!). The brushes are soft, plush and explain exactly how they should be used. 
  7. Sigma Go Clean Duo (not pictured): If I was going to buy new brushes, I was going to do it right. I first heard about this Sigma brush cleaning mat last year (again – thanks bloggers!). I’m embarrassed to say that I never clean my brushes and IF I do it is maybe once a year and I use Charlie’s baby shampoo. I really want to be better about this so I decided to buy this mat and cleanser duo. It is so much fun to use! I already cleaned all of my “old” brushes that I still plan on keeping around because they are great but oh my goshhhh, that was overdue. #ick Another good stocking stuffer idea!

Between Nordstrom’s beauty department and all of the amazing reviews their customers leave online, it is easy to discover new products to love. One thing that has been a consistent since moving to the suburbs is the Nordstrom Spa. With Nordstrom having locations all over the US, I love that the brand I love is consistent everywhere. Definitely something to consider for the holidays (true story: Dave and I always get his stepmom a facial at Nordstrom Spa in Michigan for Christmas because we know it is a spa we can count on). The facials are my personal favorite but their menu is really impressive! If you’re trying to get a jump start on gift giving then the Nordstrom Spa is definitely something to think about!

PS: If you’re looking to add some new products to your beauty routine, I love browsing Nordstrom’s best selling beauty products

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