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Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dave

Father's Day fragrance gifts from Sephora.Easy Father's Day gift ideas with Sephora. Liz Adams shares Father's Day gift ideas with Sephora.Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes shares the best gift ideas for men.Mommy and me shopping for Father's Day gift ideas.Wrapping up gifts for Father's Day.
Liz Adams Chicago fashion, lifestyle and mommy blogger. The best gift ideas to buy for the men in your life.Liz Adams Chicago fashion and lifestyle blogger. Top fashion blogger shares the best gift ideas for men.The best gift ideas for men from Sephora.Father's Day gift ideas that won't break the bank. The best cologne for men that men love from Sephora. When you’ve been dating your significant other, husband, etc. for an extended period of time, gift giving can be tough! Eventually we get to a point in life where if we really want something, we usually buy it for ourselves. It’s rare for either one of us to be surprised these days. Especially because we don’t NEED anything. However, I pride myself in gift giving and always want it to be something that I think they will love. Fast forward 8 years and lots of celebrated holidays and I am starting to run out of ideas. Dave and I have actually developed a new way to give gifts and it has seemed to work well. Instead of giving something that we think that they would like (like another stripe tee or a new drill set, ha), we have started to give each other something that reminds us of the other. It’s a sweet way to reminisce about something from our past or maybe something we’ve forgotten about ourselves. 

Let me tell you a funny story about Dave. You know when a brand is advertising a cologne or perfume in a magazine and they have that little sample flap that you can pull apart and test the fragrance? Dave LOVES THOSE. Whenever we travel, without fail, he goes through a magazine and tries the cologne pages. He literally rubs them on his chest. It is a hilarious and weird habit but something that I love about him. I remember the first time we traveled together he rubbed D&G Light Blue on his shirt. He loved it so much that he then rubbed it on his neck. By the time we sat down on the plane I’m pretty sure every passenger smelled like D&G Light Blue. He loved it so much that he bought it as soon as we got home and it was always his go-to scent. Fast forward to having Charlie and our morning routines were cut in half. Once Dave’s bottle of cologne ran out last year it had never been replaced.

Until now! I went into Sephora knowing that I wanted to get Dave a shiny new bottle of Dolce & Gabana’s new take on Light Blue, D&G Light Blue Eau Intense for Father’s Day this year. A gift that I knew he would appreciate and something he wouldn’t buy for himself. Hoping it would remind him of that moment we sat down on the plane and he whispered “I think I overdid it on the magazine cologne.” Haha. Sephora is the kind of place where you can’t go in and buy just one item. Of course I ended up stocking up on Father’s Day gifts for both of our dads and buying myself a few things, too (including my own signature scent). Sephora is one of my first stops when I’m shopping for gifts. Their selection can’t be beat when it comes to makeup, skincare and fragrance

What do you think of our gift giving idea? It’s fun, right!? An easy way to remember moments that would otherwise seem insignificant. It’s funny how a scent brings back a memory. As soon as I picked up the Light Blue Eau Intense box I immediately remembered everything about our travel day perfectly. I love you, Dave!

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