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Let’s Go On Vacation

vacation packing listYou guys, I am really in need of some warm weather. Dave, Charlie and I have yet to take a trip just the three of us and I’d love to do that this spring. However, we are struggling to figure out where to go. Zika is a big issue for us as we are hoping to grow our family this year or next. I’m worried about areas in Florida and I would love to go to Hawaii but traveling that far with Charlie sounds terrifying. I don’t think he would do well with the time change…does anyone have experience with this? I’d love to hear your stories about adjusting to a time change with a baby! I would love to be on a beach and somewhere WARM. This mama wants to be barefoot in a bikini. 

Since we are stuck in grey Chicago, lets dream about some outfits that would be perfect for warmers temps. I am eyeing so many cute bathing suits like this (I wish I could pull it off!), this, this, this and this

Do you have any trips coming up? I want to live vicariously through your vacation!

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  1. I live in south Florida, and I’m pretty sure Zika is not a ‘thing’ here anymore. They took away all the warnings and I believe the only cases are travel related now (or from sexual contact with someone infected). My pregnant sister is coming to visit this month. I wouldn’t Let it deter you.

  2. Ugh, the Zika threat is real. I wanted to be pregnant by 2017, but we went to Dominican Republic where Zika is present, and when I got back home and got tested (I tested negative), both my OB and PCP said I still needed to wait 6 months to even try and get pregnant. I was pretty devastated.

    How about Bermuda? I’ve never been, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful!

  3. I’m in the same boat. We really want to go somewhere warm but I’m too afraid of Zika since we are hoping to get pregnant soon.

  4. I just booked a trip to see my high school girlfriend down in Miami! We are going to drive over to her family’s house on St. Simons Island for a few days, too…but that’s not until late April! I hope I can make it until then πŸ˜‰ Chicago was so beautiful yesterday. Today, not so much.

    26 and Not Counting

  5. Boca Grande, Florida on the Gulf Coast is really pretty and I don’t think Zieka is there at all. The architecture is beautiful and everyone drives around on golf carts. Great place to go with kids. I’d reccoomend maybe staying at the Gasparilla Inn & Club so you have access to the beach club/pool. If you do decide to go there I can send a bunch of recommendations. If you are looking at flights you’d fly into Ft. Myers or Sarasota and drive right onto the island!

    1. I’d also recommend this or Longboat Key which is just outside of Sarasota. We live in FL full time and while Zika is a very scary thing, we lather in sunscreen and skin so soft to keep the bugs at bay.

  6. Hi Liz- When our son Oliver was 15 months, we took him to Maui for a week. We live in Naperville, so we flew out of ORD to LAX, then LAX to Maui and the same in reverse coming home. We left early in the morning to get there and Ollie actually played, snacked, slept on both flights. Coming home we left at almost 10pm from Maui and Ollie slept the through both flights. Anyway, trip went well including the time change. Let me know if you want any more info. Also, we’re headed to Marco Island in FL Sunday for a week with our now 3.5 yo and 1.5 yo. Finally sunshine!!

  7. We live in Colorado and are vacationing in Seattle, Portland, and Canada in late March, so no warm weather for us either! Haha! Oh well, you’ll have to let us know if you find a good warm weather destination closer to home. Currently swooning over that cute bow dress now!


  8. Hi! I live on the Treasure Coast of Florida and there hasn’t been any Zika warnings here. We have some really quaint towns here – Stuart and Vero Beach that have a relaxed beachy vibe. Come visit!

  9. We (me, my husband, and my 17-month-old) just spent the weekend in Newport Beach and it was awesome. It’s a little chilly this time of year but will warm up by March. We stayed in the Newport Marriott Villas there and it worked out so well. They have shuttles to shopping and the cute little Corona del Mar town, and all rooms are 2-bedroom and they have pack’n’plays and high chairs. It was so convenient and we only paid like $250/night. We also flew direct from ORD to SNA and it was only 15 mins from the airport. We hit the pools and then did a day in Disneyland (30 min away).

  10. Need. That. Dress…. My husband and I got married in Puerto Rico in October 2015 and really wanted to go back for our one year anniversary, but Zika definitely made it a no go πŸ™ I hadn’t heard much about it being in Mexico, but I just googled it and looks like it is. Bermuda sounds like a good one if it hasn’t made it there!


  11. I’m pregnant now and faced the same dilemma when planning a baby moon! We’re headed to Palm Springs/Palm Desert for a week in April. It’s not quite the beach but there’s golf for the guys, spas for the girls, great restaurants and lots of pool time. We’re staying in a family time share, but plan on spending a day at the Parker Palm Springs Yacht Club spa and they also have great shopping in Palm Desert.

  12. Hi Liz, we are going to Hawaii in 2 weeks with our 15 month old. Although I’m nervous for the trip there, I’ve been to Hawaii several times and can say with complete confidence- it’s totally worth it! If you do venture there I would recommend buying Charlie his own plane ticket (obvi more expensive but much easier than having them on your lap for the whole plane ride). You can install their car seat right on the plane and they can sleep (if he’s the kind of baby that enjoys his car seat!). As for the time change, I’m hoping as long as he gets in one good nap every day, we’ll all survive. We’re thinking this is the best time to go since we don’t have 2 kids yet (don’t think we’d be brave enough to do it with 2 little ones!). All in all- it’s a big trip but so worth it! Happy travels.

  13. We took our daughter to Hawaii (from Louisville, KY – similar distance!) when she was a very active and mobile 13-month-old. There were a few naps, a lot of goldfish crackers, and a lot of walking up and down the aisles of the plane but the traveling wasn’t bad at all. The time change was totally fine, although we did do a buffer day in LA on the way to and from Hawaii to break up the travel time, which might have helped the sleeping. It was so worth the hassle!!

  14. Don’t take the baby! If you have reliable relatives who love him, leave him in their capable hands. The older (at least my) kids get, the less easy time they have adjusting on trips and the more things they need to keep them safe and entertained. I am pregnant with my third and have a 2.5 year old and 15 month old. The more kids you have, the harder it is leave them at all and to get a babysitter (even an awesome grandma) to know all the stuff it takes to keep things going.

    My advice, and I’m not a blog commenter, but I feel for you mom-to-mom: take a direct flight so you can come home quickly if anything happens. Go for three nights/four days (whatever you can handle being away from you baby). And really pay attention to your husband. He needs you too. It’s super hard and I can only last a weekend myself, but it’s better than an expensive trip with unhappy kids and an unhappy husband.

    1. I completely agree!!! BUT, Dave and I have taken two trips since having Charlie and before we have another I want to travel the three of us. But I agree with EVERYTHING you said!!

  15. I’m heading to Charleston for a bachelorette party (I can’t wait to go to some of your recommendations) and potentially New Orleans with my boyfriend within the next two months! Very much looking forward to a vacation, but agree with you on the beach front!


  16. My family took a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands last May and we loved it. There was no time change from CT, so maybe only an hour change from Chicago which might be good for Charlie! When we traveled, there were warning signs for Zika, though we had no issues

  17. Love these outfit choices, Liz! If you wanted to go to Hawaii I would suggest staying in California for 3 or so days before heading to Hawaii so you can break up the time change! I travel to California frequently from the east coast and it takes me a few days to adjust. I think it would be helpful so it isn’t 6 or so hours of time difference!! Plus California is AMAZING (in my opinion) and a place that is fun to discover with great weather really all the time. Hope this helps.

  18. Head to Arizona! Zika free and plenty of hot weather! It’s a favorite spot for us (we’re in Minneapolis and always need to escape the cold this time of year too!).
    The RC at Dove Mountain has great restaurants and amenities with a top rated spa. We went without kids, but saw families having fun and they played family friendly movies outdoors by one of the pools at night.