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5 Gift Ideas for Guys…From Dave

gifts for boyschristmas shopping guideLiz Adams shares holiday shopping guide for menthe best gifts to buy for guysholiday shopping on a budgetholiday gift ideas for guysthe best winter accessories for mengift ideas for menholiday shopping on a budgetcozy gifts for guysthe best things to buy from Old Navygift ideas for menfashion holiday gift ideas for guyschristmas gift ideas for menthe best gifts from Old Navythe best holiday shopping on a budgetchristmas gift ideasthe best christmas gift ideasstylish christmas ideas for men Shopping for guys has always been a difficult task for me. They are easy and never ask for much so I tend to focus on similar products year after year. I have my go-to gifts but as we get older I’ve realized that the men in my life appreciate when I buy them something they wouldn’t necessarily choose for themselves. Dave is usually a stretch. He is a man of simple pleasures. When I pick something out that I love I always worry if he will love it or not. 

In the past year I’ve noticed Dave’s interest in fashion changing. He is definitely more conscious of his personal style (and finally let go of that North Face fleece he has been wearing since college). I thought it would be fun to ask Dave to suggest 5 gift to give the guys in your life this season, here is what he said:

  1. Winter accessories: “When you live in Chicago, you need as many winter accessories as you can get. I usually lose at least 3 gloves per season and can never find my hats (Liz hides them in storage). I will always welcome a winter hat with a big ball on top!”
  2. Cool sneakers (sold out in his color): “Guys don’t know how to pick out cool sneakers. I buy the same Nike’s over and over again thinking they are cool but I just end up looking like a dad. These are cool sneakers! I feel very stylish.”
  3. A cozy sweater: “Chicks love to snuggle into a guy with a cozy sweater. They are also timeless and can be worn for all occasions so I like to have a wide variety.”
  4. An insulated shirt/jacket: “I plan on giving this to my dad, father-in-law, and brothers this year. The Chicago winters call for all kinds of layers. Some mornings it’s 50 degrees or you have 3 inches of snow on the ground. I love to have stylish but warm options.” In regards to his green jacket: “I love this thing! Liz was scared I would hate it but I think I look pretty cute.”
  5. Warm socks: “Honestly, they are just socks but I always get excited to pull out a new pair for winter. A no-brainer gift. My laundress tends to lose at least one in the dryer (every time) so I like to have a lot stock piled once it gets cold.” 

Haha Dave. He sure is pretty to look at! I hope these suggestions help you in your holiday shopping! See more of Dave’s favorite gifts below…

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