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Holiday Gift Guide: For New Moms

the best gift ideas for new momsToday I wanted to share some gift ideas for new moms. We all have women in our lives who are either new moms or becoming new moms in the near future. This was such a special time in my life. A time that felt really hard but where small gestures from others made a big difference. I wanted to share a few gift ideas for the women who are about to pursue this new, amazing stage in life! 

A cute pair of sneakers. Honestly, when I had Charlie I couldn’t imagine what it would take to go on a walk (let along put on a shirt) but these Nike’s would be some good motivation!

Our favorite animal prints that hang in Charlie’s nursery.

The CUTEST crown hat. Charlie had one when he was a new little prince.

A necklace with baby’s name so he/she is always close to her heart.

My go-to diaper bag that is stylish and easy to wear (and doesn’t feel like a diaper bag!). 

A JJ Cole car seat cover for cold days (Charlie LOVED this). 

Something sparkly for when she wants to get dressed up.

A polaroid camera to capture little moments to hang on the refrigerator. 

A pretty notebook to help them stay organized (making lists kept me sane).

A Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit (I recommend size 3-6 months). I swear this thing taught Charlie how to sleep like a champ!

Cozy socks, just because.

To celebrate all of the moms out there (and honestly, anyone who would want this bag because it doesn’t have to be a diaper bag!), I am giving away a Fawn Design Diaper Bag to one lucky reader in the color of their choice! To enter, follow the Rafflecopter widget below. A winner will be announced on Saturday morning. 

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