gift guides 2016 over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

holiday gift ideas for guys Today’s holiday gift guide is for the guys! Why are they so tough to shop for? Sometimes I think it should be the opposite. The men in my life are very set in their ways so if I get anything too outside the box I know it is not going to be a fan favorite. I really tried to keep Dave in mind when assembling this gift guide. A few items are on his wish list and a few are things we already have that he loves. Here are my favorite gift ideas for the beloved men in our lives…

My dad, my brother and Dave all have and love this Filson duffle bag. The style is rugged and manly and incredibly durable. I bought this for Dave 3 years ago and he continues to say it was one of his favorite gifts. 

Just like the women’s cashmere sweater from yesterday’s gift guide, I highly recommend getting one for your guys, too. Dave has two of these and asked for more this Christmas! A classic. 

My dad would love this decanter set. My dad and Dave are big bourbon/scotch drinkers and this set feels special.

Dave NEEDS a bag for his golf shoes (because he leaves them in the trunk of my car and they always get the floor dirty – ha!). I love that this one is leather and can be monogrammed.

I love these Nike sneakers. Kind of old school and they don’t feel like running shoes. Stylish Nike’s!

We play music in our house all the time so I love the idea of a cool speaker to play and display our tunes.

Dave has three Shinola watches. It’s an addiction but they are clean and classic.

Finally, why do guys get so passionate about grilling? Someone gave Dave this set (with his monogram!) at our engagement party and he is very proud of it.

I love everything on this list – especially that Bloody Mary Travel Cocktail Kit?! I want this for myself.

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