Liz over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

5 Classic Items You Need in Your Closet Now

classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-3-of-16classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-1-of-16-1classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-4-of-16classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-12-of-16-1classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-6-of-16classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-11-of-16-1classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-13-of-16-1classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-2-of-16-1classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-9-of-16classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-8-of-16-1classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-10-of-16classic-pieces-from-topshop-at-nordstrom-5-of-16Personal style is a preference. We all buy what we like and wear what makes us feel confident. It is a first impression and defines who we are. I would define my personal style as feminine, classic, comfortable and fun. There are outfits that I wear that scream “Liz” but there are also a handful of looks that I know would look great on anyone. This look is an example of something that I think everyone could wear (and should wear!). Five items that we should all have in our closet. A white shirt, a comfortable pair of jeans, ballet flats, a belt and a statement handbag. 

A classic white shirt can sometimes be intimidating. A little too structured and stuffy. I love the ruffle and lattice details I found on this Topshop shirt from Nordstrom. I dressed it down with a pair of mom jeans, which I kind of love! They have big pockets on the butt and have a very casual fit. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been wearing so many fun Topshop items lately! I love that their pieces are on trend but a great price. I love this pink satin blouse (seen here), this cold shoulder top (seen here), this ruffle sweater (seen here), my favorite faux leather jacket (seen here) and this floral dress (seen here). If you’re looking for pieces for the upcoming holiday season – Topshop has so many fun items. I already plan on wearing my white shirt with this midi skirt for some family photos. These pieces are all items that I’m glad I have on hand when nothing else seems to work. 

I hope you all had a great weekend! We visited my brother in Kansas and had so much fun. Traveling always makes me feel a little discombobulated. I’m going to spend the day getting organized. If you haven’t noticed, we made a few updates to the shop! Basically just making it easier to shop and discover older content that you maybe missed. We have so much coming for the holidays (I can’t wait!) and I’m excited to incorporate more areas of the site/my social platforms. More to come 🙂

In collaboration with Nordstrom.