Outfits over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

Classic Fall

classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-34-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-25-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-35-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-27-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-28-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-29-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-33-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-26-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-36-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-37-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-32-of-37classic-fall-style-wearing-plaid-and-otk-boots-30-of-37This week has been a doozy! Our entire house has been trying to ignore the fact that we all have a cold. Ultimately leading to a crabby baby and a tired mama. Dave is traveling for work so I’ve been trying to get as much work done as I can at night when in reality I’d love to be in bed by 8:30pm. Oh well!

I love this classic plaid outfit. Perfect for fall and makes me feel like I’m going back to school. I bought this LOFT skirt to wear with oversized sweaters and turtlenecks but dressed it up for brunch with a classic tartan plaid. It will look great with tights when it really gets cold.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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