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Who What Wear Fall 30 Day Challenge

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Who What Wear challenged me to style a bomber jacket with my go-to athleisure look and over-the-knee boots with an a-line skirt. I was a little concerned about the athleisure look because I tend to overthink super casual outfits. I always envy the girls who can look so effortlessly casual-cool while running around. It was definitely a challenge I was excited to take on! It’s easy to throw on workout clothes and call it a day but I know it takes an extra layer to really make it an outfit so experimenting with the bomber jacket was a fun step out of my comfort zone.

Over-the-knee boots are a little bit of a stretch for me. When I wear them I usually like to keep my outfit “safe” so I don’t look too much like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I was excited to dress up the boots a bit. I felt inspired after finding this a-line skirt from Saks OFF 5th. My style is personally defined as feminine, classic and fun and this look embodies just that. There is something about OTK boots that make you feel powerful! Definitely a good item to have in your closet.

After shopping at Saks OFF 5th and discovering this lace BCBG bomber jacket, I was excited to elevate my typical althleisure outfit of black athletic pants, tank and sneakers. Like I said before, this look is definitely outside of my comfort zone but wearing this look felt exhilarating. That is what I love about style, it allows you to be someone different for a day. I felt like the women that I admire who leave the gym looking like this and grab a coffee and run to a meeting. So effortless! Definitely a look that I’m going to be repeating from here on out.

I think we can all relate to feeling like you’re in a slump with your wardrobe. After having Charlie I felt like my closet wasn’t a reflection of who I wanted to be as a mom or a woman who finally had control of her body again. That is why I was so excited to take part in the Who What Wear Fall 30 Day Challenge!  I needed the extra push to keep me from buying the same old thing every time I went shopping.

One of my favorite things to do when I feel like I’m in an outfit rut is go through Pinterest. I love finding looks to emulate. Usually I have the majority of items in my closet already but there is always one item that sets the look apart. I’m going to use this challenge as inspiration to push me to try something new with my wardrobe this fall. Whether that is trying cropped flare jeans, a suede moto jacket, menswear loafers or a slip dress over a white tee. This challenge is going to inspire my outfit choices this season.

Like I said above, the athleisure look was a bit of a stretch for me. Most days I prefer to dress up. If I’m in workout clothes then I am really in workout clothes (read: no effort necessary). Honestly, styling this casual look made me a little uncomfortable! There are so many bloggers who I follow that can rock the athleisure look so well. However, no matter how hard I tried I could never nail it. There was always an element missing.

When WWW asked me to style a bomber jacket I knew that it would be the perfect compliment to my go-to athleisure wear. The extra layer makes the biggest difference between workout wear and athleisure. It completes the look and helps it feel styled. The less thought I put into this outfit, the better. I love throwing a leather jacket over my outfits. The bomber jacket is a similar way to elevate casual outfits.

Since last year I have been obsessed with OTK boots. I was always worried that they wouldn’t work for me. I have short legs but it actually turned out to be the exact opposite. Pairing them with an a-line skirt adds a fun element to what can be a conservative look. Whether your boots have a heel or are flat, the OTK style shoes a little skin and can either dress up or dress down the look. For a more casual style, throw on a knit sweater to add some texture. Saks OFF 5th has so many amazing designer finds at discounted prices! These Steve Madden boots are new favorites.

What outfits are you going to try for fall?

Look 1: BCBG Bomber Jacket c/o SAKS OFF 5th  //  Lululemon Pants  //  Nike Sneakers (sold out)

Look 2:  Zara Jacket  //  Equipment Shirt  //  Theory Skirt c/o SAKS OFF 5th  //  Stella McCartney Bag  //  Steve Madden OTK Boots c/o SAKS OFF 5th

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