Beauty over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

9 Step Summer Beauty Routine

9 steps to barely there summer beautyWhen it comes to beauty less is always more for me and today I’m sharing my 9 step routine for barely there summer makeup. When the temperatures are warm I don’t want to layer on moisturizer and foundation in the morning because I know it will lead to overly dewy skin and chunks of foundation in my wrinkles. Not cool! I rely on my nighttime skincare routine (this and this) to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day so I ditch the face lotion in the morning. Here are my steps…

  1. Bare Minerals Total Cleansing Oil – gentle, soft and helps retain moisture throughout the day.
  2. Caudalie Radiance Serum – helps to smooth and brighten skin! I’m obsessed with this product.
  3. Bobbi Brown Instant Confidence Stick – My friends at BB sent this my way and it is HEAVEN. I use it under my eyes, on my eyelids and in between my eyebrows to smooth out an wrinkles or lines. It feels like velvet and is super breathable. Really amazing!
  4. Bare Minerals bareSkin Concealer – I’ve used this for years and a little goes a long way. It’s the only concealer I’ve used that doesn’t dry out on my eyelids/under eyes. The skin here is so dry and I think the confidence stick has also made a huge difference in keeping my concealer in one place. Either way, I like that this is soft, blends well and stays put.
  5. Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder – I use a quick swipe of this light bronzing powder all over my face. It isn’t as pigmented as other brands I’ve used – it is definitely the most natural I’ve used!
  6. NARS Blush in Angelika – I like that this blush has a blue undertone to it. My hair gets a lot of natural highlights from the sun and can end up looking brassy. My normal peachy blush would just exaggerate the warm tones in my hair so in the summer I switch so something a little cooler. Just a quick dab and swipe on the apples of my cheeks.
  7. Clinique High Impact Mascara – I am constantly rotating mascaras but I really like the brush on this one. It gets every last lash and stays on all day!
  8. Glossier Boy Brow – YOU NEED THIS NOW. I’m not kidding, since I started doing this so many of you have started complimenting my brows and that is because this product makes them so easy to tame. If keeping your eyebrows in check stressed you out then I promise you will not regret purchasing Boy Brow!
  9. Bobbi Brown Tube Tint in Naked – the perfect gloss to accent your lips natural color.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond! xo