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Trunk Club Women

trunk-club-women-holidays-10trunk-club-women-holidays-17trunk-club-women-4trunk-club-women-holidays-1trunk-club-women-holidays-18trunk-club-women-holidays-8trunk-club-women-5trunk-club-women-6trunk-club-women-holidays-3trunk-club-women-holidays-12trunk-club-women-holidays-19trunk-club-women-holidays-9trunk-club-women-holidays-11trunk-club-women-holidays-15trunk-club-women-holidays-2trunk-club-women-holidays-16trunk-club-women-holidays-13trunk-club-women-holidays-20trunk-club-women-holidays-22trunk-club-women-holidays-23After having Charlie in September I was ready to streamline my personal style and get out of the maternity rut. I was feeling a bit discouraged by the shape of my body, looking in my closet and realizing that a lot of the items I own don’t reflect what I want my style to be moving forward and just ready for someone to tell me what to do. I turned to Trunk Club for help and if you’re not familiar with their services well let me fill you in…

TC is a personal styling service that is perfect for those short on time (hello new moms, those with corporate careers, and general busy bee’s!), looking for guidance from a stylist, and those looking for a new way to shop. As a fashion blogger who generally knows what she likes, even I look for someone else’s opinion that is a) not Dave’s b) not my friend’s and c) not my mom’s. A Trunk Club stylist does the decision making for you and all you have to do is enjoy their beautiful dressing rooms, order a coffee or a glass of rosé, and try on clothes. Compared to other styling services, Trunk Club prides themselves on the quality of brands they provide their customers. Because of their partnership with Nordstrom they are able to curate the best of the best so you know the products your stylist provides you with are reputable, on-trend and high quality.

Trunk Club is not a subscription service. The best part is that there are no fees for meeting with a stylist. The only thing you pay for are the items that you love and want to keep. The entire experience is so much fun and relaxed. The clubhouse in Chicago is beautiful (and you should book an appointment so you can see it in person!) but if you don’t live in a city where there is a TC, they ship boxes all over the Continental US. You can book a virtual appointment and get the same experience. Try on the box at home within 10 days, keep what you love and mail back the rest. The process is easy (whether you want to do an in-person styling appointment or a trunk), just go to their website and create a profile. You’ll define your personal style based on a few articles of clothing, select the sizes you’re comfortable in and your body type and a personal stylist will reach out to you with specifics. It’s a really friendly experience and the stylists really want you to be happy!

A lot of readers have asked me about gifts for their pregnant friends or items that new mom’s would love. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect gift for the holidays. My day at Trunk Club was one of the first days that I felt like myself again. It was so much fun to play dress up and enjoy a coffee in a beautiful spot. I worked with Blair Romer, who can help you with any questions you may have about the items worn in the photos above (if you’re in Chicago, request Blair – she is the best).

Thanks to Trunk Club Women for sponsoring this post.

Photos by Heather Talbert