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Summer Picnics

healthy-eating-with-nourish-snackshealthy-picnic-in-the-park-with-nourish-snackscasual-summer-pregnancy-stylehealthy-options-from-nourish-snacksmy-favorite-pregnancy-snackscasual-summer-style-in-striped-denim-shirtfresh-fruit-and-a-summer-picnic-at-navy-pierhealthy-food-ideas-for-a-summer-picnicchambray-shirt-and-white-jeansnourish-snack-pouchesOne of my favorite things to do in the summer is to eat outdoors, whether that means our favorite table al fresco or a picnic in the park with Webster and Dave. It’s also an easy way to get out of the house when you work from home {can you relate?} and enjoy the flavors of summer!

My appetite since becoming  pregnant has been pretty constant. I eat every 2 hours when my blood sugar seems to drop and my baby is kicking to get some nourishment. I’ve been making a conscious effort to put healthy ingredients into my body {aside from the occasional indulgence!} but sometimes it’s hard to ensure I have something in my purse to subside those cravings. Enter: Nourish Snacks.

These little pouches are the perfect, healthy bites for moments where I don’t have time to stop and grab something to eat. Over the past few months I’ve constantly had at least three flavors in my bag at all times – my favorites being miss popular, coco’nilla crunch, PB jammin’, and almonds to cherries. I love that each pouch is 200 calories or less which makes for the perfect snack for mid-day cravings {Dave keeps a ton at his office, too! He loves hot & popular}. Trust me when I say they are delicious, too. Use code SEQUINSANDSTRIPES for 10% off your order through the end of July! Shop it here. You can also find select products at Starbucks!

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This post was done in collaboration with Nourish Snacks. Photos by Heather Talbert.